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Jan 13, 2009 05:38 PM

Sat nite dinner by DCA

Sister is coming in the Sat night before the inauguration at 7pm to Reagan. We're coming to pick her up from Frederick (and will return there) and wonder if we are crazy for wanting to go out for dinner in the environs of the airport after she arrives. Will it be a zoo then do you think? We're not that familiar with the area so a place that is easy to get to from the airport and easy to get back onto the GW pkway is a good thing. It can be any type of cuisine except Indian, at moderate price range, say under $50 per person for dinner and a glass or two of wine. Any recommendations? THANKS

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  1. I think it should probably be ok on Saturday night but then again...who really knows? I would suggest going over to Del Ray or Crystal City for dinner. they are both really close and have many food options. there should be plenty of threads on here about both areas but I would steer towards Rustico in Del Ray if you like beer and wood fired pizzas etc or Crystal City with Jaleo if you like tapas

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      I'd second Rustico-- I think it's about 2 blocks off the parkway.

    2. Bebo is actually very close, is reasonable, and has a good-sized bar. So even if you can't get a table, you should be able to cozy up to the bar and sit. If you can't get in, Jaleo is right next door.