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Jan 13, 2009 05:30 PM

supermarket everyday balsamic

fave brand that's decent for under $10?

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  1. Doesn't matter. To me, the cheap stuff all tastes the same (and there's nothing wrong with that.)

    1. Every balsamic tastes different. For a rich deep flavor get the expensive stuff. For every day use in dressings I use whatever the store has at the best price. It varies from region to region and state to state. In FL we have a local store with a local brand which is good but it is only available down here. When entertaining I always try to use a more expensive higher quality aged brand. Remember age is the key. The older the better and the more expensive.

      1. I really like trader joe's gold quality balsamic vinegar - I am not a huge trader joe's fan but I go there every once in a while and stock up on the balsamic - I eat salad almost every day. Their white balsamic is also nice for a change.

        1. I like the little jug I get at Trader Joes. Your closest appears to be at 425 S Oyster Bay Rd Plainview, NY 11803. I add it to sauces. For dipping with oil I use better stuff, depending on the company.

          1. if you have access to Costco, believe it or not i like the Kirkland balsamic for everyday use. it won't win any blind tastings, but it's not bad for everyday cooking, and doesn't contain any colors or additives. at $9 for a very large (1-liter) bottle, it's a great bargain.

            i'm also a fan of the TJ's white balsamic.