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Jan 13, 2009 05:29 PM

Birthday Dinner: Hollywood/West Hollywood

Hi! I'm looking for a great place to eat with good ambiance for a 37th birthday party. Looking for a sophisticated but fun crowd, and food that is fantastic.

Already been to Koi, Beso, Hungry Cat, STK, and Belmont Lounge, Osteria Mozza for birthday dinners so looking for something new ........

Any other suggestions for good food and fun place in WEHO or Hollywood for a group of 5 lovely 30-somethings celebrating a birthday?

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  1. You could try Lucques, Lou on Vine or, if you like Middle Eastern, Marouch.

    1. I hate to steal her thunder, but look for posts by lotta cox. She appears to do a lot of eating, drinking, and celebrating in that area of town, and by finding some of her reviews and posts you will get a wide range of responses to some of the hot new spots as well. The new biggies that come to mind are Bazaar, XIV, Gordon Ramsay at the London, and the like. Me, if food was the focus, I'd think about some of the classics, old and new: Spago, Craft, Campanile, Chinois on Main, Jar.

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        I've been to XIV and Gordon Ramsay at the London recently, and thought they were both very good. XIV might be a little more festive; they seemed to have a lively crowd. Gordon Ramsay is a beautiful room, and very hip....but we were there on a weekend on December, and there weren't many folks.