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Jan 13, 2009 05:02 PM

Chinese Noodle Cake - recipe needed

I have been searching without success for a recipe for Chinese Noodle Cake, which is a sweet that I can get at our local Chinese bakery and I would love to try at home. Does anyone have a recipe?

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    1. re: HLing

      I think this might be it! I've never seen it with raisins or sesame seeds though. Any chance you have an English translation of the recipe?

      1. re: snoopy12

        I tried to make the Chinese recipe, but I think should have rolled the dough thinner and maybe even stretch it a bit just before going into the oil. The noodles fried up nice and puffy, but a little too tough for my taste. I'm looking for the pale kind of sachima where it's more delicate and soft, not so much like rice crispy treat. Hope you'll have better luck with the other recipe.

      1. re: trentyzan

        I think this recipe will work. As for raisins or sesame seed are ingredients of choice. I not a baker but this is a recipe that should work.

        In the past I have home made noodle cake with just some coconut flakes and some honey.

        But make the basic noodle recipe and add what you like to have and it a done deal.

        In California we have lot of Chinese bakery where you just buy some. So it not something that we have to make.

        1. re: yimster

          You're right, it's way easier to just buy it (and cheaper too!). The main reason I want to do home-made is that my wife remembers getting noodle cake with honey in it from the local bakery when she was a kid - but we can't find that version anymore. Might even try it with maple syrup if I'm feeling adventurous!

          1. re: snoopy12

            Snoopy12, i can understand the angst behind searching for a childhood memory..and also, the noodles seemed to have relaxed some after a couple days and are tasting better than the first day. (i think the real trick is to go out in the cold and exercise for 2 hours, in which case most anything will taste better...but I digress). So I think I'll translate at least the ingredients of the Chinese recipe, since it does involve honey. My main problem was converting the measurement, so I'll leave that up to you.

            材料:高筋面粉 200克 / 发酵粉 1小勺/ 鸡蛋 3个/ 水 20cc左右/
            dough ingredients: 200 g high-gluten flour/1 tsp baking powder/3 eggs/ about 20 cc of water

            糖水材料:砂糖 150克/ 麦芽糖 150克/ 蜂蜜 15克 / 水 40cc 左右/
            syrup ingredients: 150 g sugar/ 150 g maltose (barley malt)/ 15 g honey/ about 40 cc of water

            make the dough and let rest covered for 10 mins. Roll out, dust with flour, fold and cut into little strips. Deep fried in oil on medium heat. Can fry crisper if desired.

            Medium heat for the syrup, until it can spun silk-like threads.
            Here it's important (speaking from my own mistake) to be sure to dump the noodles into the pan where the syrup is, and stir thoroughly. So be sure your pan for the syrup is big enough to accommodate all the noodles.

            dump out onto parchment paper lined, or greased pan with the height of your desire. press and let it set.

            Good luck !

            Edit: 1)forgot to add that I used about 2.5 cups of flour and it was way too much in the sense that...I have to finish eating this batch before I can attempt another batch, which I want to explore into the area of french crueller dough for the more tender noodles....
            2)it's obvious that i was too lazy to figure out exactly how much flour is 200 g, and instead I used the English recipe sort of...very bad of me...but i have to fess up so that others can have their own reaction to the recipe AS IS, not as i have done.

            1. re: snoopy12

              You cannot beat something from your childhood. I still remember dishes from my childhood and when I find it now I find not as good.

              Mom's cooking was the very best at least that how I remember it.