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Jan 13, 2009 04:00 PM

Merriman's Maui?

Hi all -
Heading to Maui and Kauai for a week and thinking about making this our splurge dinner. Has anyone been yet?

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  1. Sorry, don't know about Merriman's but my family, I was baby sitting, crossed the island to Mama's Fish House and said they had one the best meals they've ever had. Check this board for reviews.

    Mama's Fish House
    799 Poho Place, Paia, HI 96779

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    1. re: wolfe

      After the "Mama's Wars" here, we did lunch there. We were so impressed, that we looked into the Inn. Next trip, we'll do X days on the westside, and then Y days at that inn, just so we don't have to dine, drink and then try to drive.

      Mama's is not THAT close to major hotels, but with the inn, it is doable.

      Good call,


    2. Yes. We were just there (reviews in progress), and were impressed in both the food and the wine. All aspects were great, including the service.

      We were late for sunset, and it was mid-Dec, so that aspect did not figure into our meal. In short order, the sunsets should be quite nice.

      On our visit, they were about half-full, but that was about what we encountered for the entire Westside of the Island, with the exception of Lahaina Grill, which was hosting a rather large, and loud party. All other spots were down on patrons. Oh, Mala was busy, but it is a bit more "neighborhood," than most of the rest that we did.

      I'd definitely head back to Merriman's Maui. Not a cheap-eats place, but well worth the money, i.e. a good value for higher-end dining. Nice wine list too. Not the best in Hawai`i, but very serviceable with their kitchen's offerings.



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      1. re: Bill Hunt

        Thanks, Bill. That's what I was hoping to hear. Sounds like it was worth the rec from Alan Wong?

        1. re: Bill Hunt

          Bill - I'm glad to see that you've finally visited Merriman's even if not on the Big Island! Also pleased for you that it was a positive experience.

          Best, Tony

          1. re: ibstatguy

            I could not be on an island with a Merriman's and not dine - or never face Chef Wong again!

            I was disappointed that the crowd was missing, but the kitchen and the servers did not miss a beat. Remember that this was early Dec., and all of Hawai`i was about to wash away. Now, I have to try the Big Island restaurant, plus a few others - some that we found lacking in the past, and some that are new.


        2. See my review posted in this group Dec. 31. It is definitely worth a try.