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Jan 13, 2009 03:45 PM


Thank you, Chowhounds, for the reviews of Cut. Really enjoyed my recent meal there.

I had Organic Asparagus topped with a Poached Egg and drizzled with Bacon Vinaigrette. The sweet and salty Bacon Vinaigrette made this dish sing.
DB had Maple Pork Belly with Asian Spices, Sesame-Orange Dressing and Quince Compote. Delicious dish with the salty and sweet, warm and cool components marrying well.

I had Indian Spiced Short Ribs with Curried Pumpkin Puree and Garam Masala. Tender and flavorful. Enjoyed every bite.
DB had Rib Eye with Caramelized Onions served with a quartet of sauces: Whole Grain Mustard, Creamy Horseradish, Shallot-Red Wine Bordelaise and House Made Steak Sauce. Nice, but not as yummy as my Short Ribs!

Tempura Onion Rings. Well-seasoned and crisp. Heaven on a plate.
Asparagus with Grated Parmesan. Tasty.
Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Pearl Onions. This dish is soooo good. Thank you, Chef, for making my life!

Alas, no room. Next time for sure!

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  1. I have been to CUT plenty of times.

    I must say that it is my favorite steakhouse.

    The pork belly was just ok but not worth the price, I find that the steak tartare is one of my favorite appetizers.

    The maine lobster and american kobe is the way to go.

    here are some pics from CUT.

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      1. re: bllrdfam

        hmm I attached them I guess they didn't upload.

        kobe beef filet
        2 LB maine lobster
        pumpkin beignet with ginger ice cream
        warm veal tongue

    1. What kind of rib eye did DB have?

      Do make room for dessert next time though! They're definitely a cut above what you'd typically find at a steakhouse.

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      1. re: kevin h

        U.S.D.A. Prime, kevin h. Look forward to having dessert next time. Which dessert do you like best?

        1. re: Brioche For The Girl

          The banana thingy is by far the best dessert and the BEST dessert I have had period.

          1. re: Brioche For The Girl

            The dessert menu's probably changed by now, but my preference is: Nougat Semifreddo, Chocolate Chiffon/Pudding Cake, Gaviota Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Soufflé.

            Try the Japanese Wagyu next time; it's a night and day difference!