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Jan 13, 2009 03:40 PM

JiRaffe Santa Monica - Monday Prix Fixe

The girlfriend and I are tempted to try JiRaffe's prix fixe dinner on Monday night. But is this just JiRaffe's way of getting rid of unsold food (especially fish) from the weekend? Has anyone had a bad experience with less-than-fresh food on their Monday nights? Or, is it all good?

Perhaps I'm being too cynical. But I just read Anthony Bourdain's "Kitchen Confidential". In it, he warns that some restaurants unload old(er) fish on Mondays by including it on the "Specials" menu.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I thought it was great- not the most amazing meal I've ever had but good bang for your buck. I would probably go more often if I lived in the area and didn't have classes in the evening.

    1. i don't think so - they set the menu several days ahead of time, anyway, so no way to know what's going to be unsold - also, i notice they often run out of the items on the prix fixe menu quite quickly depending on the night - so no,i think it is all good and while not the most amazing deal in the world, it's not bad - i have had great dishes there on the prix fixe and even when they have sold out and had to improvise, the meals have been outstanding

      anthony bourdain would be so lucky to run a restaurant with the longevity and customer loyalty of jiraffe

      1. I was there on Monday and enjoyed an excellent starter of quail, stuffed with croutons, foie gras and black truffles on a bed of mushroom risotto [other choice was "Michelle" [sic] Blanchet smoked salmon], followed by very good lamb chops (3) with a white bean gnocchi and eggplant [other choice was seared albacore], and a white and dark chocolate brownie for dessert. None of these were regular menu items (there is a different lamb preparation on the regular menu) and all were fresh and delicious. At $38, a terrific bargain. The menu changes every week and is posted on Jiraffe's website. I usually go once or twice a month depending on the menu and have seldom been disappointed.

        1. Restaurants get food deliveries 6 days a week if they need. A good chef will not have "less-than-fresh" food in house at any time. They have done that special for years, I think it started on Tuesdays...I like their food, always gracious staff and the room as well. Never been life altering, but consistently good. I would do Josie on Weds for the Market Menu. About the same price, but better cocktails and desserts. And the booths are quite cozy.

          1. I'm sure others in the know are aware of the restaurant Bourdain is referencing when he talks about not patronizing restaurants on Monday because of the "old fish," but I can't imagine that a restaurant of JiRaffe's caliber would be one of them.

            I've always enjoyed their Monday prix fixe and think it's the best deal in town in terms of price to quality.