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Jan 13, 2009 02:46 PM

Food shopping in Calgary

Just saw the topic and would like to know about some of the ethnic shop and Bakeries in Calgary. I am new in the city and have not had much of chance to look around yet. I have been to Gunters Bakery on 17th SE and found the rye breads amazing. Any other shops anyone can think of to try here??

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  1. Track down this book!!

    It's a great guide to a lot of the best foodie shopping places Calgary has to offer!

    1. Do a search on calgary +shopping
      try these links for a start

      when in Calgary I like
      Indian & pakistani
      A-1 Spice & Movie Centre - 403-285-2446
      96-55 Castleridge Boulevard NE , Calgary , AB T3J 3J8

      Apna Punjab Grocerices & Movies - 403-590-1676
      300-5075 Falconridge Boulevard NE , Calgary , AB T3J 3K

      Bangla Bazaar - 403-590-6625
      125-4851 Westwinds Drive NE , Calgary , AB T3J 4L4

      Kalamata Grocery Store - 403-244-0220
      1421 11 Street SW , Calgary , AB T2R 1G7

      Topps Supermarket

      Sunterra Market - 403-266-3049
      1851 Sirocco Drive SW , Calgary , AB T3H 4R5

      Sunterra Market - 403-287-0553
      Elbow Dr & 49 av SW , Calgary , AB T2S 1G8

      1. T&T Asian Supermarket
        Lina's Italian Market
        The Cookbook Company
        Manuel Latruwe Bakery
        A-1 Spice for Indian ingredients
        Costco - for produce, quail eggs
        Co-op on 12 Ave SW
        Springbank Cheese
        Bite Groceteria in Inglewood
        Real Canadian Wholesale Club for buying in bulk and packaging containers

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        1. re: sarah galvin

          Midtown Co-op is actually on 11th Ave (11 St b/t 10 and 11 Aves SW).

          Rustic Sourdough for German deli and great breads
          Arirang on 10th Ave SW just east of 14 St for Korean and some Japanese

        2. The bread at Rustic Sourdough Bakery (17th Ave SW) is great.

          Boca Loca (11 St SW) makes some good salsa.

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          1. re: 23skidoo

            Boca Loca, I forgot! The one on 14 St NW & Northmount has way more stuff.
            Co-op, yeah 12 Ave, 11 Ave, I always get it mixed up
            Edelweiss on 20 Av NW for German type things
            Jan's Polish deli on Crowchild
            Community Natural Foods

          2. I live downtown and don't have a car. I would like to buy some paneer. Ideas on where I could pick it up easily?

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            1. re: Jetgirly

              Don't know but you could call A-1 Spice in the NE and ask. You could also take the C-Train to the NE.

              1. re: Jetgirly

                I've mentioned this before but here goes again. It's so easy to make paneer and it tastes better!

                Warm 1 liter of whole milk with 1 Tb of unflavored yogurt, add the juice of half a lemon, stir till completely separated then strain the solids, shape them into a ball or a disc and refrigerate.