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Jan 13, 2009 02:45 PM

Places to catch the game in NOVA?

Hey guys,

Moved down here from South Jersey/Philly and am looking for a good place with good food to catch the Eagles this weekend. I saw the other football thread but am looking for places in the NOVA area, not so much in DC. Anywhere close to Fairfax would be especially great.

Also. If anyone knows where I can score a soft pretzel around here, please let me know!


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  1. You could try Grevey's sports bar or Velocity Five in Merrifield. I don't know about a good soft pretzel, though. Grevey's is an older smaller place. I haven't been to Velocity 5 but it's new. I haven't been to Grevey's in years either.

    Grevey's Restaurant & Sports Bar
    8130 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22042

    Velocity Five Sports Restaurant and Bar
    8111 Lee Highway, Falls Church, VA

    1. Grevey's is a good choice. You could also jet out to Chantilly and get the best hot wings in the area at Bungalow (with the side of 3 mile island sauce). Foster's is decent in Vienna. Jimmy's is a great bar in Herndon but that may be a little far for the bet.

      1. Thirsty Bernie's at 29 and Glebe (not far from Fairfax) is a great spot. Flat screens all around, great beer selection on tap and good food (admittedly it's dropped a notch since the chef left, but when we were there a few weeks ago, the wings and pastrami were just as good as before).

        1. food carts in DC have them!

          1. Although it is not Fairfax, Arlington has the best concentration of sports bars. Ballston Mall has Bailey's and Union Jacks. Clarendon has Mr. Days and Clarendon Grill. Courthouse has Summners. Crystal City has the Crystal City sports PUb, the other Bailey's, and Tortoise and Hair. It is good to go to an area with multpile sports bars in case one is too croded. Rhino Bar in Georgetown is the best for an Eagles fan. It is an all Eagles Bar.