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Jan 13, 2009 02:32 PM

Making Cookie dough w/o a electric beater.

Recently (few months ago) our beater was thrown out - and now that it's done I have the urge to make Cookies (go figure Karma). Anyone have any tips for making the dough w/o using the electric beaters?

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  1. I used to make cookies without an electric beater all the time in college. Assuming your recipe calls for butter, just make sure the butter is at room temperature so it's easily creamed by hand with the sugar. You usually don't need to mix the butter and sugar or rest of the dough for very long for cookies. You could also make half a recipe if you want to handle less dough.

    1. You can mix with a fork or whisk which is what I did years ago in grad school. It takes patience. You could also just make CI's chocolate chip cookies which starts with melted butter. It's easy to do by hand and one of my favorite ccc recipes.

      1. Make sure your butter is softened. If you are using cream cheese, make sure that's room temp as well. Creaming the ingredients really doesn't take long if the buter is soft. Most of the time I make cookies by hand rather than get out the mixer- especiall if it's only half a recipe.

        1. Use room temperature butter, and your hands. They're the best mixers and won't break like a wooden spoon might or bend as might a metal fork.

          It's messier, but your hands will be very smooth afterwards.