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Jan 13, 2009 01:11 PM

Pork belly at Urban Solace?

I have never tried pork belly before, and I'm wondering how the entree is at Urban Solace. How does pork belly in general compare to other cuts of pork? I love bacon, pork tenderloin, pulled pork, etc. I'm not a big fan of ham, and I really don't like pork chops.


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  1. I've never been to Urban Solace, but bacon (and pancetta for that matter) is made from pork belly. So I'm gonna say it's a lot like bacon.

    1. I would say pork belly is a combination of thick slab bacon and pulled pork. It's one of my favorite things to eat. The fat just melts and the meat tears or should tear easily with just a fork.

      1. Pork belly is one of the best parts of pork (but doesn't taste at all like bacon as mentioned). The pork belly entree at Urban Solace is OK but not really good braised and not tender enough. Also the sides for the dish aren't really well thought out. (But Urban Solace has a lot of other much better dishes on their menu). For best pork belly in SD go to Better Half (but call them before because it is not always on the menu)

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          I second your comments, had the pork belly at Urban Solace two weeks ago and was very disappointed in the overall experience of the dish. Husband had the roast 1/2 chicken (yeah, I know - sounds boring) and it is one of the best I have ever tasted in SD. Great flavor components and very moist due to a long brine period the chef employs. The pork belly salad I have had at The Better Half is one of the best renditions that I have enjoyed. The Pearl restaurant in Point Loma also had a really tasty version on it's menu - not sure if they still serve it.

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            Agree on the Jidory chicken - really good chicken. (And I really like the duckaroni)

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              And a 3rd vote for the Jidory chicken! We met the chef about a month after they opened and asked what his favorite dish was. He said this was it. It was originally listed lower on the menu of entrees and they didn't sell much of it. He was adamant about keeping it on and moved it up to the 1st entree listed. Now it's among the most popular dishes.

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              My SO had the pork belly at Urban Solace a few months and still raves about it. I wonder if they've changed the preparation? All of us who tasted it really liked it.

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                We had pork belly at Urban Solace a couple of months ago and it was quite tender. And delicious.

                We've also had the candied pork belly at The Pearl and it was delicious, but we also noticed that the size of the pork varied quite wildly table to table (we ended up with a small one).

                The pork belly appetizer at Starlite is heavenly. It's served sliced over toasted bread, with apples and honey on top. Yum.

                It's not really like bacon - you should get soft, tender bites of pork layered with melty pork fat (it should be melty, not chewy).

          2. in addition to the other recommendations, Bite and Starlite often have pork belly.

            The last time I had it was as an appetizer. It was a interesting combination of bacon texture with soft melty fat ribbons on the sides. Wonderful pork flavor.

            *edit* I was at Urban Solace last week, go for the Beef Cheeks!