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Jan 13, 2009 12:45 PM

rack for baking sheet?

I am looking for a rack that goes on a baking sheet like the All Clad shallow baker shown here - (this looks like a deep-ish cookie sheet with raised edges and handles). I want a wire or metal rack that would allow me to cook meat on this thing without sitting directly on the baking sheet. Where do I find such a thing? Am I going to have to purchase these items separately? Will cooling racks work? Can they go in the oven?

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  1. I've got a number of cooling racks that are designed to fit inside a half sheet pan. I cook things on them all the time. They, and the half sheets, came from a restaurant supply place, and cost less than 10 bucks. I cook on them all the time. they work perfectly well for that. the all-clad thing is an odd size, so you're not likely to find a rack that fits well. Unless you're so dead set on handles that they're worth over a hundred bucks to you, I'd give it a pass, and just use a sheet pan, or a hotel pan, both of which will take standard sized grids.

    1. This will work:

      It's 12" x 17" and it has legs, so it'll fit within the sheet with a little overhang on either side (by the handles).

      1. Whoa. A baking sheet for cookies and
        a pan for roasting meat are
        two separate utensils.

        For roasting, I'd suggest a pan with sides
        at least 3 inches high. You want room to hold
        drippings and occasionally
        add liquid, or the bottom of the pan will
        have blackened stuff that will take
        much effort to remove. Actually, much, much
        effort to remove.

        Try a search on roasting pan. Many come with
        racks. I prefer a V-shaped rack, myself.

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          i already have a large all-clad roaster with a v-rack. this pan in question is for smaller cuts of meat (steaks, pork, etc).

        2. There are two problems with this baking sheet - the odd ball size (12 x 15), and the cost ($100+). It will be easier to find a rack for a standard size half-sheet pan (12x17), such as the Chicago Metalic pan from the same site ($20).

          Here's a cooling rack that should fit the half-sheet size

          Alton Brown has used racks like this for things like frying draining racks, or supporting light items for drying or baking. If used with a rack, you don't need fancy triple layer pans. Just get a sheet that is sturdy enough to stand up to professional use, even if it is alumunum.

          I wonder if All Clad chose this size just so they could add the handles. Professionals handle this type of pan all the time without handles.

          For pans with racks, look under the 'roasters' section of that site. These pans and racks are better suited for heavy pieces of meat like roasts. The wide shallow pan, with 'cooling rack', would only be useful for many small pieces of meat like steaks.

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          1. re: paulj

            I guess I am a year too late, but FYI, Cooks Illustrated uses their top rated CIA cooling rack in the half sheet pan (top pick is the Lincoln Food Service 5314) all the time to cook meats like you want to do on America's Test Kitchen. I bought the Lincoln pan and the Lincoln rack for $16 and $3 respectively at the local restaurant supply store. I love them so much and they are so versital. The CIA rack is better for the center support, but cost much more and I would have to get it shipped. They also use this rack on top of the cheap disposable large roaster with 2 cups salt in the bottom to absorb oil and put it right under the broiler for steaks. It's great to have handy and it serves many purposes. I am thinking of hanging it on the wall to use as a utensil-hanging grid. It's so sturdy I use it for a lot of things. I bought two right off and want more.