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Jan 13, 2009 12:36 PM

chow-worthy eats near bucknell

taking high school junior for visit to bucknell, staying overnight. need suggestions for dinner/breakfast.

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  1. good will's outside town, take rt 45 west, over the river, keep going west, over rr tracks, under highway overpass, it's the small red building on rt just past overpass. country food - eggs, great waffles, pancakes, intersting mix of BU stidents & local farmers & on sunday people coming from church. next best bet is country cupboard on rt 15, just north of the mcdonalds.

    DINNER: reba & pancho's is really good, homemade pasta & mexican/south american stuff 9 ya, sounds odd, but very very good. elizabeth's for great american/french cooking. both have websites or go to for more

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    1. re: danfinlwbg

      Why would you recommend Country Cupboard Restaurant? They say they offer regional favorites! A Hammy Wammy Sandwich? The only thing that place has going for it is it's broasted chicken.

      1. re: Jeff V

        The place that I always enjoy when up that way is skeeter's bbq:

        Its fun to sit outside in the summer, the view over the river is great. I would also pass on the Country Cupboard. I'll have to try Good Will's.

        1. re: Jeff V

          What's wrong with the Cupboard? We've been there many times while visiting the in-laws and I think it's a solid place for breakfast. We've always ordered off the menu and never eaten off of the buffet, and food has been all that I would expect it would be, very good. I have not been there for any other meal.

          1. re: kissdadish

            We ate there years ago and I think the food was fine. The last time I was there, the wait to get a table was 40 minute to an hour (the line was through the gift shop). Since I usually pass it in my travels, I don't like to wait so long. I'll try it again some time if it doesn't look busy.