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Jan 13, 2009 12:14 PM

Traditional Bistro in the 6th

Even after reading numerous posts I'm still conflicted about which bistro to go to in the 6th. It will be for our first night in Paris and I'd really like to have traditional food in an old fashioned bistro. Please tell me which one is "right" to kick off this trip. Thank you.

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  1. Two immediately come to mind. If you like moules in their various states of preparation and or huitres, there's a lovely little place called L'Atlas Brasserie on rue de Buci in the sixth (the Moules au bleu are to die for); not far from there is Allard on rue St-André-des-Arts, which is the prototypical bistrot Parisienne. If you like duck and if you love olives, you will be very pleased with the duck smothered in olives. We're traveling to Paris on Thursday and we'll be sure to grab a meal at either one or both.

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      Two more:
      La Ferrandaise, 8, Rue de Vaugirard

      Josephine chez Dumonet, 117, Rue du Cherche-Midi

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        Josephine chez dumonet sounds just like what I was hoping for. However, one post said that they still allow smoking. Is this the case?

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          The smoking ban is a legal requirement, restaurants can't opt out. How old was the post?

          1. re: PhilD

            Thank you for pointing this out! I just checked and it was 2007. The thought of having to eat a wonderful meal in a smoke filled room wasn't very appealing!
            Thanks again.

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          I will second the rec for Josephine chez Dumonet. It was my favorite meal of my two weeks in Paris this past December. Friendly, comfortable, great food, bistro atmosphere as I imagined it should be. Just yummy.

        3. re: montcouple

          My husband loves duck AND olives.

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            I know you asked for a bistro in the 6th, but if yourw iliing to go a little out of the 6th I would highly recommend Le Petit Pontoise. Excellent duck, escargot, a really lovely french bistro. It is at 9 rue Pontoise in the 5th. 01 43 29 25 20 call for dinner reservations.

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              Thank you so much. I'm keeping all of these for during the week we are there. We're having one lunch at Le Cinq...but the rest of the time we're looking forward to cozy bistros and cafes.

        4. If you'd consider the 5th (close enough), I strongly recommend Moissonnier. It's a small, cozy, relatively quiet bistro, speciallizing in food from the Burgundy region. My husband and I ate there for the third time when we were in Paris over the Thanksgiving holiday. Their quenelle de brochet is a spectacular treat: one huge cloud-like quenelle in a casserole - for one person! I was terrified when I saw it arrive at someone else's table while we were sharing an appetizer because it was so enormous. "Surely that can't be for one person. Two of those people must be sharing it." But no. Mine arrived shortly thereafter and the whole thing was, in fact, for me. As I spoon a portion of it onto my plate, I was imagining sending half of it back, unfinished, and trying to explain that it was great, but way too much food. Fast forward 20 minutes or so, and zoom in on a casserole dish, empty but for the remains of some sauce nantua. And that was only because we ran out of bread with which to sop it up.

          28, rue des Fossés St-Bernard
          Paris 5
          +-1 43 20 98 65

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            Oh, my goodness does that sound wonderful. It is on my list and I'll order the quenelle de brochet if it is available and think of the kind person who told me to enjoy it. Thank you!

            1. re: DaisyM

              And please report back, even if you don't get to Moissonnier!

              By the way, reservations are strongly recommended. It's a smallish place and we saw a few folks enter hopefully, only to be turned away while we were there.

            2. re: Deenso

              It is really heartening to know some of these "old-timers" are not only still around, but still turning out dishes that cause chowhounds to swoon!

              I love quenelles. Moissonier is SO on my list for "next trip."

              1. re: ChefJune

                Just wanted to report back that we ate at Josephine chez Dumonet...twice. It was that wonderful. The Grand Marnier Souffle, duck confit, chateaubriand with bernaise saue were just incredible. We felt so welcome by the staff. There is no question that we would be regulars if we lived in Paris.