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Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives...

Don't know if you are a fan; but I am sure some others are. He was in town last week and visited Twisted Root Burger Company, Avila's, and Louie's.

I haven't heard of anywhere else.

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    1. re: txag

      1839 N Henderson Ave
      Dallas, TX 75206

    2. He went to Louie's??? OK, I now like Guy whatsit if he went to Louie's. That place is a true hidden gem in Dallas!

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      1. re: dalaimama

        Shhhh!!! Now, everyone will know about Louie's. It's hard enough trying to get a table as it is.

          1. re: DallasDude

            you don't? never had anything put pizza & newcastle there but its damn good pizza (and newcastle).

            1. re: DallasDude

              Louie's has what other restaurants in the neighborhood lack. That being, character!

              1. re: twinwillow

                Not particularly fond of the pizza. And the silly abuse act they dish out is over the top. There are far too many wonderful places serving pizza in town that are eager to take my dining dollars (and take Visa) that can at least fake a grin. Jon, as service oriented as you are, I am suprised you would accept anything in the realm of what they consider to be quality service.

                The pizza is simply too cracker-like. I have likened it to hardtack. They use a simple pass through oven that imparts no additional flavor or character to the pizza. The best thing going for Louie's, as I have mentioned in the past, is the use of Jimmy's Italian sausage. I can buy that from Jimmy's myself, and it is a mile down the road from Louie's.

                The very last time I went was a huge fiasco. We were the second people to be waited on that day, it took an hour to get our food and it came out staggered. Four of us and we all got our food at different times. The last person didn't get his until after everyone was finished. And to top it off, when we paid and were leaving, the waitress ran after us outside saying we short paid her. I demanded she recount, and she did. She was wrong. Pretty off-putting, wouldn't you say?

                I could go on, but I am practicing brevity at the moment. Coal Vines has character, and some cute employees.

                1. re: DallasDude

                  i've never had that experience at louie's...except the no visa thing, which sucks. and i HATE places with bad service, esp when they try to spin it as a charming aspect, but maybe i've just been lucky.

                  i guess that my weird hours keep me out of Louie's on busy nights, so maybe the rush hour louie's everyone else knows is different than my experiences. now coalvines...i've ONLY been there on a packed sat night where a cute hostess grins while telling me i have an hour wait and i should be grateful they are even considering letting me in. the pizza is great but i don't like the taste of other diners' @sses in my face as they squeeze by.

                  but the pizza...i just like it at louie's. i like the hard crust. get extra cheese, pepporoni, mush, sausage & garlic and the grease softens it up! i liked it when i was in college before i knew it was cool or a foodie stop or on TV. maybe its sentiment. i hardly have a refined pizza pallette but i like it.

                  off to La Me on you guys' suggestions.

                  1. re: JonFromTJs

                    Well, I am not an unmoving buddha. Maybe we need to hit Louies once more and try the extra toppings. They sound like they might lubricate the crust more.

                    Sentiment has a lot to do with what we enjoy or not. I love Campisi, many here do not. But it is the pizza from my youth. I had this conversation today. How could I possibly like Whataburger? I suggested that we can enjoy things due to these comforting memories.

                    I did enjoy the crab claws at Louies, along with lots of bread to soak up the garlic butter. Similar to Campisi's version.

                    Let us know what you think of La Me. And as for those butts in the face at Coalvines? Some of them I do not mind.

                    1. re: DallasDude

                      I've read that there's an evolutionary reason for our loving the foods of childhood ... we ate them and survived, and mom knows best, so they must be good to eat again ... and again.

                      The pizza of my youth is Domino's, despised by all and sundry ... I still order it occasionally, and no one will ever convince me that the way I order it, it's not good.

                      1. re: foiegras

                        Although I grew up eating "real" pizza in NY, I'm afraid occasionally, I too succumb to a Domino's delivery as well. Thin crust with pepperoni is my sodium overdose of choice.

                        1. re: twinwillow

                          I too order thin crust ... with ham, onion, and mushroom. Back in the day it was sausage and mushroom on a regular crust ... and an amazing metabolism to go with. One thing I quite like about Domino's as compared to some of the other comparable (lowbrow, mainstream) places is they've always used fresh veggies. There is nothing worse than a canned mushroom--oughta be illegal.

        1. Why Avila's? It's no different than 20 other Mexican restos.

          1. Agreed on Avila's. Unfortuantely, while Louie's still makes a mean pie, it is a shell of it's former self when the had 2 smoking sections (smoking and chain smoking) and I don't smoke. Something just doesn't seem right these days. Seem a little too light in there too.

            1. They also spent some time at Fred's in Fort Worth.

              1. I'm pretty sure that the first 3 listed by the OP does not fall into the category of Diner or Drive-In......... and Dive would probably be questionable. But now Fred's. THAT's a classic dive! in a very good way - since the 80's.

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                1. re: CocoaNut

                  Escondido would probably be classified more of a dive than Avilas.....but who am I to say what makes it for television producers.

                  And I would say Club Schmitz would be the burger dive....maybe Burger House on Hillcrest for the nicer shot. I am not saying the burgers aren't great at Twisted Root but TR hasn't been open as long as these.

                2. also went to Jamaican Gates in Arlington. In fact they were filming some wrap up scenes last Sunday when we went for lunch.
                  My wife hates him but I tolerate the show. I think they should put a book together for people that love to take roadtrips. That way you can stop in some of these places that have been shown

                  1. Chef Pointe (Watauga) will be one of the featured spots airing Monday, April 6.

                    1. I am a hube triple D fan but I have to say Louie's sucked....if I could think of a worse term I would. The three of us arrived excited and hungry and were promptly seated at a table that leaned at a 45 degree angle! The water glasses literally slid off the table!!! We asked to be moved and were seated next to a table of lady hens who were cackling so loud it hurt our ears. We ordered the pizza and a couple of appetizers, crab claws and something else forgettable. The crab claws were rancid. The pizza took forever to come out and when it did I should have sent it back, totally unedible. I was never more dissappointed in a joint than I was in Louie's. I don't even know if my wife and daughter will follow me to other triple D haunts after this fiasco. We passed so many places on Henderson street that looked fun, man I only wish we had stopped! If I was rating this place I'd give it an F.

                      1839 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

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                      1. re: edberliner

                        Henderson is a hotbed of fun places and solid restaurants.

                      2. Hello Dallas hounds... I lived in Houston for almost twenty years, relocated to So. Cal. a little while ago, and am stopping in Dallas on biz for a few days before swinging down to Houston. I'd really like to have a nice TX dive steak dinner with a buddy while I'm in Dallas. I'm thinking of a neighborhood bar and grill place that serves a very good steak without any pretensions. Houston had a couple of such places not too far from downtown and I'm betting Dallas does too. Any suggestions?

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                        1. re: nwilcox

                          Louie's on Henderson Avenue. Featured on DDD a few months back, it fit's your description on needs to a "t".

                          1. re: twinwillow

                            Ever since D3 hit the place, Louie's has just gone down hill.
                            I guess they cant manage the turn-over rate needed to keep the customers flowing, waiting 30-40 minutes on one damn pizza is just pretty unforgivable.
                            Wait staff is very unpleasant, mainly due to the sheer volume of patrons vying for some attention.
                            Louie's really needs to get it in gear or else their reputation will falter due to the inability to deal with a packed place.