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Feb 27, 2004 05:22 PM

Hamakawa Report

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Hi all, last night, went with some friends to try out Hamakawa in downtown. 4 of us, about $100 . . . including one large kirin. just wanted to share, because there haven't been many recent reports. . .

heres a rundown:
Sushi A selection - octopus, surf clam, maguro, toro, hamachi, ikura, the tiny eggs, egg, salmon, mackerel, white fish, and ebi (shrimp). the sushi was ok. not very fresh, the toro was stringy. i didn't try the yellowtail but that piece did look good, probably the best out of all of them. We also had a side order of uni, which was ok for uni. So we weren't that impressed with the sushi.

Mountain potato and tuna dish - very interesting gooey mountain potato combined with pieces of tuna. add your own ponzu sauce and it tastes pretty good, but the fish wasn't all that fresh.

Oysters - the oysters were so so, pretty fresh.

Ankimo - very very fresh and good here. One of my favorite dishes of the night

Oden - this was excellent - probably one of the best oden's I have had. The broth was great and there was this white light fish cake thing in there that I have never had that was just dreamy to eat.

Beef tataki - this was very good too, the only place I think that does it better is Yabu on Pico.

Sausage - this was interesting - they tasted like farmer johns sausages in a chinese sausage casing (intestine). not what I was expecting, but filling nonetheless.

Overall it was an enjoyable meal, comfortable atmosphere, wasn't too loud and it is open until 2am!

Probably won't be back for the sushi, but on a cold night, the oden would be perfect.

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  1. Too bad you had a mediocre experience. I've only had the freshest, biggest pieces of sashimi there. Excellent quality, no frills, inexpensive--my kind of place.

    1. I haven't been back since, but maybe it might be worth another try.

      I did however just try Sushi Go 55 (per reading many high praises from russkar) and I was impressed with the freshness of the sushi as well as the prices. We did order a conch dish, that we weren't too fond of, but for the quality of what we ate, it was a great value.

      Have you been to Sushi Go 55, and how do you think it compares to Hamakawa?

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        My experience of Hamakawa has always been positive--no frills, but great versions of classic dishes, served up with a smile and small price tag at the end. Its an easy place to become a regular and, yes, their ankimo is excellent! A trusty standby.

        Has anyone yet tried Ebisu up the street on second or the new place at the end of Honda plaza?