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Jan 13, 2009 11:45 AM

suggestions needed for wedding luncheon - Dallas

I am in Ohio and planning a wedding luncheon for my son who will be marrying in north end of Dallas in April. Would like something comfy, cozy with private room for 50 or less guests. Of course, good food is a must. Looking for something not too expensive. I appreciate your input!~Sheila

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  1. I attended a wedding luncheon at Dragonfly at Hotel Zaza- they had a nice private room and they food was tasty. Not sure about the price, though. We held our rehearsal dinner for close to 50 people at Blue Mesa (NW Hwy, across from Northpark)- they don't have a private room, but they have curtains to partition off sections. Our out-of-town guests enjoyed the Southwest/Tex-Mex theme and the price was reasonable.

    1. Maggiano's in Plano has beautiful private rooms and is not to expensive. A lot of people go there for private functions

      1. thanks for the suggestions! I saw a cute place on the internet today that seemed reasonably priced. Are you familiar with Mimi"s Cafe in Lewisville? How would you rate it for lunch?

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          Mimi's is a cute little brunch place that we go to after church a lot. It's ok but I wouldn't reccommend it for a wedding luncheon. I don't think they have private rooms.