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Jan 13, 2009 11:29 AM

Any recent Suppenkuche experiences?

I do love the potato pancakes at Suppenkuche. I'm having dinner there this week and wanted to know if there is anything else of note or not to be missed on the menu or any thoughts from recent visits. Thanks for your advice!


525 Laguna St, San Francisco, CA 94102

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  1. I've never been there, but I'd be interested in knowing if they've instituted a "recession menu" like their sister restaurant, Speisekammer.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      Suppenkuche & Speisekammer are related by pedigree, but not, as I understand, by ownership or management.

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        I once ran into the owner Suppenkuche in Marin and mentioned that I now live in East bay and usually go to Speisekammer now. OOPS! He very quickly let me know that there is no love lost between them. You will not see Suppenkuche following the lead of Speisekammer.

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          We went to Speisekammer last week (on the vehement recommendation of the man who is omnipresent at Cafe Van Kleef...very funny scene) and ate from the recession menu. Wow! My weiner schnitzel was huge and made both a fine dinner and a next-day lunch, and it was $9! Husband had a big pork chop also for $9. With starters and beer, a date-night dinner out for $38 is unbelievable. Plus there was live music. Very impressive!

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            You mean Peter, the owner? Grey hair, about 5'8", irrepressible?

        2. Their meat and cheese platter is great. My husband and I usually just get that and a large salad. We almost never finish it all.

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            I like the meat and cheese plate too. Great bang for buck.

            The wienershnitzle my friend had was to DIE for. Crispy, hot, tender, not at all greasy. Better than 99% of the various versions of deep fried pork available at any kind of restaurant: pork chop rice at a Chinese place, tonkatsu at a Japanese place, etc. Really delicious.

            Like some others, I have been disappointed by the "big slab of meat" type dishes like chops and braises. They can be dry or tough. I'd stick to the appetizers like potato pancakes and meat/cheese plate, soups, sausages, etc.

          2. I really like the pickled herring. I've only eaten there twice, but I've enjoyed everything both times.

            1. 1h40m to get in on Saturday night. Was really expecting something special. huge disappointment.
              Food (1star). bad for price. 4 dishes,
              potato cakes - very good, crispy perfectly browned outside,excellent unique texture and taste inside.
              cured pork - tasted a bit better than spam with cross grill marks.
              braised beef - incredibly dry, has to be the worse braised dish I've ever had in a restaurant.
              breaded fried something - was the best dish of the 3, it was passable.

              Newish chowhound member here. been following restaurants on this list here. Have tried over 5 liking them all, suppen was the exception.

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              1. re: bob13bob

                Sorry you had a bad meal at Suppenkuche. I really liked it the two times I've eaten there, though the steak w/ truffle butter was still my favorite thing I've tried.

                I wonder if food execution suffers on super busy weekend nights - it can get super crowded in there.

                Glad to see you are reading my list :) What else have you tried? There's a 2008 list too...

              2. Was there Saturday night. Obviously with no reservations accepted, we expected a wait. Were told an hour, seated nearly two hours later. This was an annoyance, as there was no space at the bar (literally 5, 6 people deep) to wait. Still, the food was great. Pancakes were thick, crispy and delicious - weiner schnitzel was tender and crisp. Everyone enjoyed their meals. No "recession" pricing as yet, but for the quantity (huge!) and quality we felt it was a good value. Other than the wait, the very, very crowded restaurant made for difficulty getting comfortable. It's part of the experience though. I recommend it.