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Jan 13, 2009 11:12 AM

Bistro Cassis UWS - Not too shabby...

We usually hit Nice Matin in the neighborhood for this type of fare, but decided to give Cassis a try since it's been on our list for some time. Overall wife and I were pleased. We shared the mussels (white wine/garlic) which were plump and made for fine dipping with the crusty bread. Wife had the kobe burger which she enjoyed - i had a bite, the brioche bun was not necessary and it was overcooked a bit for my taste (not hers). I had the pan seared salmon which was nice over braised endive and prosciutto with a balsamic reduction. A couple of glasses of wine and we escaped for under $90 which is no easy task. We'll go back for sure.

Oh, I was tempted to stick my spoon into the next tables onion soup - smelled great and probably hit the spot on the snowy night we were there. Next time..

It was pretty full and bit noisy, but bearable.

Looking forward to first visit to West Branch next week!

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  1. thanks for the review...i've walked by this place many times as it's right near my new home, but haven't gone in yet...but i've been wondering...

    i'll try it soon

    1. That's good to know for our post-UWS movie excursions. Thanks.

      1. Yes, do try the onion soup. It's excellent. What I go there for. Much better than Cafe Luxembourg. I just wish they took reservations.

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          1. Is this restaurant associated with le Citron? I sorta thought Citron had a sister restaurant - ???

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              Yes, I think they have the same owners.