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Jan 13, 2009 10:59 AM

roasted garlic soup from epicurious

i made this soup last week and had a small cupful before i froze it for later use:

it is SO good, it's really amazingly delicious. it was all i could do to stop myself from drinking all of it.

the problem is, what to serve it with? you would smell like garlic for days if you ate all of it. i want to serve it before something, but what? any ideas? has anyone else made this soup?

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  1. I am quite happy to eat bowls of it (and happily have)! If you're doing it as a pre-main, I think it pairs very well with simple dishes as it is a heavy and flavorful soup. Think of a simple roast chicken (perhaps one that echoes the soup with hints of thyme and salt) along with rice pilaf and bitter greens. A lightly dressed pasta dish would also follow the soup nicely. The heaviest I would consider going would be seared scallops with gremolata.

    1. Pigtails,
      I'm not a huge fan of cream soups. Did you happen to taste-test prior to adding the cream? If so, how was it? Would an immersion blender work with this recipe?

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        yes, i did taste without the cream, it was still delicious. you could definitely use an immersion blender. the amount of cream is quite small, so the soup appears creamy whether or not you add the cream. the cream is really not a predominant element of the soup. it is just pure garlic goodness. if i was making it without any cream, i may consider adding a potato to it to round it out a bit.

        i like the idea of bitter greens after this soup - maybe flank steak.

        1. re: pigtails

          what an easy and relatively simple recipe! And I like the idea of adding the potato instead of the cream. Can't wait to try it. All that garlickly goodness has got to be good for what ails ya... garlic is a natural anti-toxin.

          1. re: janetms383

            The french word for garlic is ail. puns!

      2. pigtails, perhaps serve as an amuse bouche in small shotglasses alongside mini latkes topped with smoked trout? i also like the idea of following with palate-cleansing bitter greens (broccoli rabe?), perhaps simple, fresh linguini tossed with rabe and ripe tomatoes, thinly sliced rare steak, olive oil, a tiny amount of finely minced fresh garlic. you will, probably, smell for days -- but it'll be worth it. ;)

        1. I've made this soup many, many times. I absolutely love it! I consider it comfort food at my house. I will say, however, that it does tend to make most eaters a bit "gassy", so whatever you end up serving with it should by something that does not further exacerbate the issue . . . so I wouldn't recommend anything with beans :)

          I usually just serve this with a salad and some crusty bread. It's too good to stop eating after just a small serving, so it's usually the main event in our meals. I've also served gruyere/proscruitto/avocado paninis with it as well. Nothing better than a soup and sandwich combo!

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            I actually prefer to eat this soup as a light main, too. To add a little more body I add shredded chicken and like to top with fricco. It is more than enough for a nice lunch. And if I want to save fat and calories, I substitute evaporated milk for the cream.