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Jan 13, 2009 10:36 AM

Gourmet popcorn kernels

Does anyone know where to find gourmet popcorn kernels in Toronto besides Williams Sonoma. I'm looking for a mushroom style but any other kind would be fine.

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  1. I forgot to mention that I am also looking for coconut oil. The orange solid stuff, also for making some good popcorn.

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      Ok, I finally found the stuff. The orange coconut oil I mean. I ended up going to a company in Mississauga called poppa corn. They sell confectionery products in bulk. So they sell a product from pop weaver called nakspak. http://www.standardconcessionsupply.c... They come in 6oz packages which is a good amount for popping at home. The Nakspak comes with the flavored coconut oil(the orange stuff, unnatural I'm sure), popcorn seeds, and a butter flavored salt called FLAVACOL which goes in at the same time as the seeds. I had read before that Flavacol is the secret ingredient in theatre popcorn, so I bought a carton of it. I can confirm that FLAVACOL is part of the secret. I can also say I made the most amazing popcorn at home I have ever made. It wasn't just the flavor either, it is the texture as well, very good.
      I had to buy a 36 pak for about a little under $1 per pack. The Flavacol was $5. So if you love movie theatre popcorn but hate going to the theatre the price, poppa corn is a good place to find what you need for homemade movie popcorn.

    2. Whole foods and pusateries have a large selection.. not sure if mushroom is one of them but I have found coloured ones and rice popcorn...

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          1. Any current suggestions for buying good popcorn kernels? I tried Alton Brown's method and it didn't turn out amazing, and I suspect it's because my kernels were old. Preferably in the east end of the city . . .
            Never heard of the Flavacol stuff - realistically, is it bad for you, or worth the caloric splurge?