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Jan 13, 2009 10:35 AM

One night in Sorrento!

Hi there!

I'm kind of new to Chowhound - but I don't know why since I love to is my life, my joy!

Anyhow, we only have one night for a proper dinner in Sorrento, and it will be our last night in Italy.
Fellow foodies - I need your advise.

Should I go for great food - or great views??

I have narrowed my choices down to these:
a) Da Delfinos - at Marina Grande - good food reviews, and lovely view of Bay of Naples. (from the bottom of Sorrento at marina)
b) Il Borgo - only found one review of food and it was good - lovely views over Sorrento (from the top of Sorrento)
c) Foreigners Club - decent food reviews, touristy (which we will have avoided the entire trip - so this could be a good, fun thing - or it could be a bad thing), fabulous views, music and dancing
d) Donna Sophia - fantastic food reviews, romantic atmosphere, but NO views

I will be seeking out great food for my whole trip, so perhaps a place with a view would be a spectacular way to end our trip, but then again I love great food.

Has anyone experienced any of the places I listed?
I would love some help on this one!

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  1. Hi NellyNel,
    if I had 1 night in Sorrento, I'd head to Marina Grande, but I'd stop @ Taverna Azzura. My wife and I spent 7 nights in Sorrento. We used Sorrento as a base to visit other places. We actually had difficulty finding a good meal. King Prawn were in season while we were in Sorrento, and Taverna Azzura knew how to prepare them. Delphino was good (we dined here twice), but Taverna Azzura was the best. We should have gone there twice.
    We were surprised at how much bad food there was in Sorrento. Perhaps it's because it's so tourist oriented. We couldn't even rely on a pizza. In Naples we had the best ever! In Sorrento, we could hardly eat it. TOO much cheese.

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    1. re: studaniels


      Thanks Stu for your reply!
      This is dissapointing news!
      Sorrento is the closest we will be to Naples and we figured the pizza was going to be great! (I'm with you - I don't like too much cheese!)
      Oh well!
      Taverna Azzura was on my list for lunch, but I'm intrigued now that you say TA was better than Delphino...HMMM
      I have been talked out of FC because the food and service are meant to be terrible, but (on another site) - I am being urged to go to Donna Sophia.

      I will probably change my mind 10 times , and then not follow my plan anyway!
      But I will make note of your advice!

      Thank you

      1. re: NellyNel

        I also found this disappointing, we will be in the area for one day on a cruise and was hoping to stop in Sorrento for lunch for some great pizza since the place we are using for a tour says "It is not a good idea to go back to Naples for a pizza as you miss Sorrento and Positano.". Is there anyplace in the general area (but not Naples) with great pizza?

        Dinner is not an option, the cruise ship leaves at 7pm.

    2. Ive not been to Sorrento, but Ive been in the area, which has some of the best food in Italy. sorrento is tourist impacted in a major way - with so many foreigners around, there is a high chance of getting a bad meal.

      First, I suggest you do a search of this site for earlier Sorrento recommendations. Use the main search box, not the search of this Board because you will then pick up the whole history of the site, not just the last year.

      Second, there are Italian guides which recommend restaurants in Italy - I think they are better bets than those published in US-UK. The most recent list I picked up online from Veronelli, one of these guides, lists the following: O'Canonico 1898, O'Parruciano, Don Giovanni del'Hotel Bellevue,Sirene, Il Buco, L'Antica Trattoria and La Lanterna.

      Finally, I respect the Luciano Pignataro online guide which is local. Here is a link to it - if you work your way through the list of towns in the Salerno region, you will see that he includes reviews of CARUSO (this is recommended in other guides as well), L'ANTICA TRATTORIA and IL BUCO (the last two also recommended in Veronelli above.

      You may as an alternaitve visit and eat at some of the smaller nearby towns - several have famous or locally well know restaurants.

      1. Thanks Jen -

        Yesterday I was researching Rome and noticed a few of your posts! We are like-minded I believe!

        So yes thank you for your input..perhaps going to a neighboring town is a nice idea..

        We are staying in a B &B up in the hills, and lots of reviews of the place mention that the owner recommended amazing restaurants in the hills - that no tourist would ever venture to, where they were the only tourists in the place...
        So maybe we will leave the recommendation to him.

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        1. re: NellyNel

          sounds like a good idea - then you can report back!

          have a lovely trip!

          1. re: jen kalb

            Thank you Jen

            You may hear from me again - regarding Rome
            But as it is - I already have a list of about 10 "must try's" - and we're only in Rome for 3 days!!!


            1. re: NellyNel

              Have you a car or don't you mind to use the local train "Circumvesuviana" ?
              Well, then I suggest you to go to Piano di Sorrento and enjoy an gorgeous dinner at ACQUAPAZZA.
              It is not well known to the tourists because the location is not easy and also because the local people is enough to make it crowded every night.

                1. re: dedello

                  Thank you - I will check it out!

                  Those peppers look sooooooooo good!


                  1. re: NellyNel

                    Agreed with Mami Camilla. We had a fantastic experience there, and really leads you to believe that all the food is coming from a little old lady in the kitchen. Has a "family" feel to it, and the staff are very nice. We went on an off-season olive-oil tour in April through Mami Camilla (Augustino) and loved it. Make a day of the place and tour and have a dinner...

        2. I loved Photo in Sorrento, so much so that I ate there 3 times in a week! Great steak and tagliatelle ragu. No views :( although the terrace area upstairs was lovely.