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Jan 13, 2009 09:28 AM

Frozen Artichokes and Pearl Onions

Does anyone know where to buy frozen artichokes and or frozen peeled pearl onions in the Toronto area? Lots of US cookbooks refer to these and I can't find any in Toronto and both are a pain to prepare from fresh. Thanks.

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  1. I spent months looking for frozen pearl onions in any supermarket I passed in Toronto and was not successful. Sooooo on my next trip to the states I bought 5 bags packed them on ice in a thermal bag and drove them home. I love these things! so any time I am going south of the border from now on I will be bringing back frozen pearl onions.

    1. I was afraid that would be my only option. Guess a trip to Buffalo is in the near future for me.

      1. When I need frozen artichokes, I buy them at Nasr. I can't say they are amazing quality, as in there is so often, some ice build up on them, but that thankfully has never translated into any taste/flavour issues. I roast them in the oven with potatoes and olive oil, lemon, garlic, and they turn out fine. I've also pan-fried them in the same way, to great results.

        Peral onions shouldn't be too hard to find. I'm sure I've seen them in supermarkets like Loblaws, Longos, etc.

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          I've looked in nearly every store (!) and can't find frozen pearl onions anywhere. Eventually I bought a bag of fresh and will peel them myself. It's easier than running around looking for them, very frustrating.

          1. re: Helen

            I usually buy my frozen artichokes at Nasr.

            Pearl Onions, I buy in bulk at MacMillan's Orchards in Ajax. These are the folks who sell the muffin and cookie mixes as fundraisers, but they got their start selling frozen veggies and fruits. They also have a location in Acton.


            1. re: Mike from Hamilton

              thank you - I will try all suggestions........