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Jan 13, 2009 09:21 AM

baltimore restaurant week deals

any suggestions of great restaurant week deals? i've heard roys and mccormick + schmicks are good deals but want to know if there are others. i don't want to go to, say, louisiana and get a subpar meal and crappy service just because it's restaurant week. kwim?


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  1. I have never been disappointed at bicycle. go every year for restaurant week.

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    1. re: rudmansjmu

      Bicycle is under different management this year than last, and I havent heard good things about it lately.. so just be wary this time around.

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        It isnt on the list for this RW this week :(

        1. re: rudmansjmu

          It's not on the list because Bicycle closed about 2 weeks ago.

          1. re: bluepig1

            good to know :)
            You have any recs for RW?
            I dont venture out often but want to try some good Baltimore restaurants.
            Since I'm not familiar with the list I dont know which places are even a deal. I hear some restaurants are a rip off at $30PP, others save you about $2-$5 and then there are the places that are actually worth the limited menu and drive. The only thing I've heard is that The Prime Rib, Mortons, Capital Grille, Oceannaire and Black Olive are the must-tries as far as "deals" go. Would you agree?

        2. I was wondering the same thing. I would love some recs for restaurant week.
          I can say that Mortons is great and $30pp for the dining room is so cheap. They also have $5 bar bites from 5-6:30 that are amazing.
          Sulivans is delicious but I wouldnt hurry there this week because they have a $30 and $35 special menu all the time.
          I had gone to The Prime Rib 2 years ago for restaurant week. I didnt really care for it. I got the crab imperial. However everyone else that went with us, loved it. It is a great value.

          1. Actually, last RW we went to Louisiana and all four people really enjoyed their meals. In addition, they had a RW wine list with very reasonably priced wines

            1. Todd Conner's in Fells is just half off all entrees for restaurant week. Last year I combined this with half-price wine on Thursdays and it was a terrific bargain.

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                We ate at Oceanaire last night for RW. Our waiter was nothing special. We had to aks for bread 3 times, etc.
                The main thing that bothered me is that their RW entree items are al a carte. So on top of the $30PP you have to pay for mashed potatoes or anything else you may want to accompany your main dish. That kinda sucked. Even at restaurants that are usually al la carte like Mortons, Ruths Chris.... Their prix fixed menus or RW menus always include sides. So this was a rip off.
                The entrees were great but nothing else was. The desserts tasted like something you would get at TGI Fridays. Actually Chilis or Fridays makes better desserts! The tin cup sundae had a brownie that tasted like it was microwaved. The chocolate chip cookies tasted like frozen warmed cookies. The sobet was just sorbet.
                The clam chowder was very watery. The house salad was not impressive. Overall it was ok. I duobt I'd ever return. I wished I would have made a different choice for my friday RW. :(

                1. re: jerseygirldawn

                  Started RW off with a bang - lunch at Ambassador and dinner at Oceanaire. My experience at Oceanaire was very similar to jerseygirldawn. Felt like most dishes were preassembled and reheated. I actually enjoyed the clam chowder; highlight of the meal. Didn't bother with eating the dessert.

                  My lunch at Ambassador was close to perfection! What a nice way to sample some of their dinner entrees on a budget. First course vegetable samosa was wonderful, Shahi Korma and a crab dish (not on the website menu) entrees were exceptional and served in portions difficult to finish - but we couldn't stop eating!

                  Highly recommend Ambassador for RW!