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Jan 13, 2009 08:59 AM

Atlanta: Atlantic Station Dining

Hubby & I have tickets to see Cirque du Soleil in a couple weeks and I wanted to make it a night by going to dinner somewhere in Atlantic Station, since that's where the production is set up. Normally we avoid that place - I hate the crowds and really think it's just an outdoor shopping mall. I don't know the restaurants and the few I checked had very hit-or-miss reviews. Does anyone have something good to say about any of the dining options there?

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  1. I'd go somewhere else. Unless I'm missing something, the place is pretty dominated by see and be seen spots. Great if you're looking for a nightly hook-up but if you want a respectable dinner, I'd suggest looking other places in the city.

    As I mentioned on a recent thread, Repast and 4th & Swift are good options.

    If you do go to Atlantic Station for dinner be sure and follow their rules of conduct... how ridiculous is that?!?! It just goes to show the caliber of people this place can attract.

    Be sure to wear your shoes and check with the management of Atlantic Station before you take any photos.

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      That's the vibe I get, too, but it is Atlanta :) I've enjoyed Rosa Mexicana.

      Otherwise, close by, you have the restaurants on Howell Mill, such as Bacchanalia, Figo, The Real Chow Baby, Flip, JCT Kitchen, etc.

      1. re: Reignking

        I've had several good meals at Rosa Mexicano. It is pricey, but generally good. Service can be a problem though.

    2. I've been to the Lobby at Twelve 2 or 3 times and enjoyed it. But you'll be close to a lot of other places, too, if you're willing to drive.

      1. Thanks guys. I've lived here 9 years so I know the good spots in Midtown and the Howell Mill area. I just wanted to know if anyone dined anywhere at Atlantic Station and liked it.