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Jan 13, 2009 08:46 AM

Hunterdon County, NJ PUMPKIN RAVIOLI

Does anybody know where I can buy PUMPKIN RAVIOLI IN Hunterdon County, NJ?
The Princeton Whole Foods is a hike and they haven't had the brand I like in over a year.

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    1. Well, the simple answer is no. Perhaps you could try Wegman's in Bridgewater or King's on Route 22E in Whitehouse Station. How about Two Brothers in Flemington?

      Good luck, and let us know if you find it!

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      1. re: ambrose

        I was in Flemington today and dropped in to Two Brothers Ravioli on Commerce Street. Normally, they DO carry pumpkin ravioli but they are sold out and will not have any more until next season.

      2. I haven't been in here myself, but my SIL says this place on 206 is excellent. It is in Princeton Twp, but not far from Hunderton Co. She said they have many different types of ravioli; I'll bet they make pumpkin. I feel your pain. Pumpkin Ravioli is a favorite of mine, and when my source is out of it, I am bummed.

        1. There's a small Italian market and deli on Main St. in Somerville called La Delizia that has excellent store-made pumpkin ravioli in their freezer case. I haven't been in awhile - I hope it's still there.

          1. Two Brothers on Commerce St or Colosi's in the Speedway Plaza across from the KFC, both in Flemington.

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            1. re: ALM54

              ALM54, see my comment above about Two Brothers. Good to know about Colosi's. It is closer to me than Two Brothers.

              1. re: ambrose

                I think Colosi has a more varied selection than Two Brothers.... I was a fan of the Two Brothers store that was in the Colosi location years ago. They made their pasta fresh on the premises and if you timed your visit right you could get fresh pasta before it went into the freezer. I believe the freezing process really effects the texture and taste of the pasta, especially ravioli and manicotti which of course has cheese.
                I hope you enjoy the ravs at Colosi even if they are frozen.. :-)