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Jan 13, 2009 08:35 AM

Sunday lunch/brunch suggestions for party of 15

I need suggestions on where to go for my mothers surprise 60th birthday party. I'm looking for a lunch/brunch place for about 15 women. Maybe a place with a private room? Pre-fix? Please help!!!!

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  1. We need a few more specifics. If it's a place that serves lunch, as opposed to brunch spots with the usual eggs, pancakes, etc., what cuisines do you prefer? And particular neighborhood? And what is your per person budget for food only (drinks, tax & tip additional)?

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      sorry about that. I guess Lunch would be better for an older crowd. Any cuisine would be ok as long as the ambiance is right. Location isn't a factor either. Since me and my sister will be paying for the lunch..........I am looking for something around $30 or less per person.

    2. I think calle ocho is great for large groups...Menu is large and the sangria is free. So, you never leave there spending more than approx $25 pp including tax and tip. Sunday only; ends at 3pm. The sangria bar is set up on one of the room; selve serive from large glass jars; 5 or six different tyoes of sangria (red and white). They have a room off to the side for large parties, but not entirely closed in....

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        Calle Ocho is nice because you will spend less than any pre fixe (i dont think there's a dish over $20 (and that one feeds two).

      2. Location doesn't matter, ambiance is more important. 15 women in their mid 50's. Looking for around $30 or less per person for Sunday lunch.

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          I would suggest Fleur de Sel. The contemporary French cuisine is delicious, and they offer a 3-course lunch prix-fixe for $29. Even though the space is small (no private room), the ambiance is lovely, and they can accommodate a party of 15. I think it is an ideal restaurant for ladies in this age group and a perfect place to celebrate such a special occasion.

          Happy Birthday to your mother and Bon Appetit!