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Jan 13, 2009 08:31 AM

Obscene amounts of oysters?

Fairly new to Baltimore, and looking for a good place to (over) indulge in...well, obscene amounts of tasty bivalves. I live in the Federal Hill area, so I know about Ryleighs and the Cross Street Market, but they tend to be a bit pricey to really allow an all out feast. I was wondering if anyone knew of a place, could be within an hour and a half drive or so, I don't mind making a trek for good eats, where the prices and quality allow for an oyster orgy? I don't need chic surroundings, in fact I prefer something with the word "shack" in the name, or perhaps, "Pappy's" or even "Pappy's Oyster Shack". Waterfront would gain a couple of stars automatically, but back-ally dives are fine as well. Thanks for any tips!

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  1. Are you aware that Ryleigh's offers $1 oysters from 3-7 every night? I'm not sure you're going to find them much cheaper than that anywhere, plus the selection is fantastic.

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      ...didn't realize they did that every night, so that's good news. Thanks! Still looking for that waterside shack experience, though. I've spent a lot of time down in Florida, and some places down along the outer banks, and got in the habit of ordering buckets of oysters (3-4 dozen) for @ $15. There's just something about sitting out on a sunset dock, slurping 'em down and tossing the shells in the water.....almost a perfect dining exerience.

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        Actually I was wrong. They don't do it on Saturday and Sunday. It does run until 10 on one night, I think Tuesday.

    2. The first friday of every month, the Hon Bar in Hampden has oysters from 5pm until gone (usually 7pm) for $.50 each, shucked by the infamous George Hastings. The Dizz in Remington has been having oysters on their menu for $6.95 a half dozen. Duda's Tavern has half priced oysters on Saturday afternoons. The Ocean Pride in Lutherville has half priced oysters on wednesday nights. Mamas on the Half Shell has 6 for $6 chincoteagues monday thru friday for happy hour. Sorry theres nothing with "Shack" in the title.

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        You should look into Bull & Oyster Roasts. Usually easy to find them in this town. For $30 or so you get all you can eat oysters and usually free beer too, along with the all the other foods.

      2. McGarvey's Saloon and Oyster Bar at City Dock (aka Ego Alley) in Annapolis, (M-F, 4-8pm) , and Stan and Joe's Saloon, on inner West Street (4pm - 7pm daily) in Annapolis have happy hour local oysters for $.50 apiece. 50 cents! I had a dozen oysters at the bar at McGarvey's last Thursday and they were perfect. Nothing fancy - garnished with lemon wedges, cocktail sauce and horseradish.

        And at Stan and Joe's the drinks are also half price during happy hour.

        But beware, the Legislative session begins tomorrow and both places, particularly the former, are going to be very busy.

        1. I'd love to learn of such a spot myself. The last time I was able to engage in a moderate cost oyster extravaganza was when I went to New Orleans for a convention. We went in the coolest oyster bar & absolutely gorged ourselves for a fairly cheap price, all things considered. Seems to me it was close to $0.25 each, but it's been a while & there was some alcohol involved, so memories could be wrong.

          The best oysters I've eaten recently here in Montgomery Co. were at Clydes @ Tower Oaks in Rockville. Quite tasty, good selection, but high prices.