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Looking for dinner around Panasonic Theatre

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I'm going to the Panasonic Theatre this weekend and having not been in that area for a long time, not sure what restaurants are around there. The Panasonic Theatre is on Yonge St, close to Bloor, but located between Charles and Isabella St.

Does anyone have suggestions on where I could have dinner?

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  1. Go 1 block south and you can see a Chinese restaurant at the corner. Pricy but service and food is above average. Or go north along Yonge, there is one Korean owned small bistro(in between Spring roll and Spring roll to go) sevcing Korean and Japanese food with reasonal price. Both are on the same side of the Theatre.

      1. Wish on Charles, east of Yonge

        Focaccia on Hayden, east of Yonge

        Olympic 76 on Gloucester, east of Yonge
        no website, they're an old school style pizzeria

        Ethiopian House on Irwin, west of Yonge

        Okonomi House on Charles, west of Yonge
        no website either but they make this killer heart attack inducing japanese pancake

        Volo on Yonge at Dundonald

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          Fire on the East Side

          Fire On The East Side
          6 Gloucester St, Toronto, ON M4Y1L5, CA

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            Does anyone know the name of the Korean restaurant mentioned above. I am going to the Panasonic tonight and thought I might try it.. ??reservation needed

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              it is called OJA and it is very good and very reasonably priced


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                Thanks so much, going there pre show.