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Jan 13, 2009 08:12 AM

Nice Bar/Food - Balt.

We will be staying near First Mariner and later in the evening going to Fells Point. We will have had a huge lunch, so looking for a nice bar to hang out for a while with good drinks and decent/upscale bar food. Suggestions for anywhere between Harbor and Fells Point. Thanks.

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  1. Ixia on Charles St. in the Mt. Vernon area has a wonderful martini/drink list as well as great apps. and small plates. Try the lobster mac and cheese!

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      Warning: Ixia is not between harbor and Fells Point. It is a good 10 min walk from the Harbor/First Mariner.

    2. brewer's art. i think is mount vernon area.

      1. red tree in fells point

        1. Miss Irene's in Fells Point recently (and finally) opened. There are plenty of great offerings in the area, but considering what you're looking for, Irenes (intersection of Thames and Anne Street) is a shade more upscale than the others. They've got some good appetizers, but the rest of the menu might be a little more than your regular "bar food." I've been several times since it opened for drinks and once for dinner and have been pleasantly surprised each time.