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Jan 13, 2009 07:33 AM

Grass Fed Dairy Products Montreal

I am looking to find grass fed dairy products in Montreal or surrounding area. I will even drive to a farm to buy them if they are available. Does anyone know where I might find something? It seems like these things are always available in the states but not here.

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  1. Resurrecting an old thread here, but this was a question I had myself.

    I recently learned through correspondence that the cows from Beurrerie du Patrimoine ( are pastured during the warmer months and fed dried hay during the winter. They said they occasionally supplement with a little grain but the cows are still primarily grass fed.

    Their products seem rather widely available in the city; I know I've seen them at Marché Jean-Talon (Hamel, Qui Lait Cru, and Marché des Saveurs all stock their milk) and Rachel-Berry carries them too.

    Grass-fed sheep milk is available too. La Moutonnière at Marché Jean-Talon sells sheep milk, butter, cream, yogurt, and cheese - all grass fed.

    And there's another local-ish sheep farm (Bergerie sur le lac) in Rigaud that raises sheep on grass and sells both meat and milk. I don't know if they sell in the city or if one must go to their farm.

    What I long for in Canada is something like this:

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      I am with you on the farm directory. I am always on the lookout for local cheeses and milk products, especially things like cottage cheese that do not contain guar gum.

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        i'm not sure if this is quite what you're looking for, but it might be useful:

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          So, do we need to start one? :)

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          I'm very fond of Beurrerie du Patrimoine's products, especially their 45% cream. I also heard from someone that their products were from pastured cows but I can't find any evidence of this on their website.

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            I just started looking into their products, and their 45% cream was something like $4/100ml. That seems kind of steep for me. While I really want the product, I am on a fairly limited budget... *sigh.

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              I know someone said they corresponded with them and got confirmation but it is on their site (perhaps added since this post) under La ferme: "Le troupeau est mit à l’herbe fraîche une bonne partie de l’année et est rentré à l’étable durant l’hiver." :)

          2. Does anyone have any updates? I can get grassfed beef in Quebec (although in enormous quantities) but I STILL haven't found grassfed butter or pastured (hens) eggs. Anyone? It's driving me nuts that grassfed butter is so readily available in the US and not at all here.

            Grassfed beef in individual portions?
            Grassfed butter?
            Pastured eggs?

            Also, has anyone been to La Moutonnieres recently? I would love to try their cream and butter but I've only ever been there when they were out. Is there a specific day or time they have the butter and cream in stock? I didnt even know sheep's butter existed, but now I want some!

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              Stairsholme for pastured beef, he sets up shop in St Anne de Bellevue every Sunday, year round. Also in NDG and I think Plateau during the summer.

              Try the search function as well as this topic has come up before.

            2. Still looking for pastured eggs?

              I just found what I'm hoping will be a great resource!

              Mórrígan Farms:

              It would seem that they come to Montreal every few weeks - I just signed up to their notification list!
              $6.50 a dozen, can't wait to try them!

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                Pastured in my book means the chicken are free to roam and forage for food on their own. Period. They feed them compost, non medicated grains, and forage for, grubs, worms etc... It is close but not what I'm looking for.


              2. The original comment has been removed
                1. At a recent Dairy Farmers of Canada symposium held in Montreal on Thursday, Nov. 20th, it seems that milk from grass fed cows has a superior nutrient profile. While milk consumption is losing significant ground to other calcium enriched beverages (almond, soy, rice), milk is still preferable to cola, energy and sports drinks. I'm looking for an updated list on grass fed dairy products in Montreal. Thanks a bunch.