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Jan 13, 2009 07:29 AM

Rehearsal Dinner near Haddam, CT

My fiancee and I are looking for a place to hold a wedding rehearsal dinner near Haddam, CT in late May. We're open to any style (standard sit-down, buffet, clambake, etc.). We need a place that has a private room that can hold about 30 people.

Some places that have been suggested are Oliver's in Essex and Sage American Grill in Chester. We like the quirky ambiance at Sage, but were not overly impressed with the food, which seems in line with what others have posted. We've never been to Oliver's.

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  1. Have you heard of the Gelston House, just across the CT River in East Haddam? It's right on the river, beside the Goodspeed Opera House.

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      I know of the Gelston House, but I've never been there. I'll look into it. Thanks.

    2. Olivers is kind of "sporty" and while years ago it was always nice - its hit and miss - but if you plan yourmenu in advance you might be able to avoid that - they can def handle 30 people
      whats your budget
      there is a nice bistro place that opened in Deep River in the past year - - they also can hadnle 30 people - no private room - but they can set up in the rear and it would be fine -
      I dont know if they have a website - but food is good and ambiance is pleasant Paris style bistro.......
      If you really wanted to rough it - although in May it might be too cool still - check out the Blue Oar across the river from Good Speed - very casual and BYOB - - you can check if they will hold tables outside for a group that large.....and you are on the river - so great views

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        I would agree with Few - Oliver's is nice, but not for a wedding rehearsal. Gelston House or even La Vita Gustosa, right across from Goodspeed are better choices. Another option, but a bit farther away, would be the Griswold Inn.

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          Cost really isn't an issue. We're willing to pay for the right place, but we don't need to throw two wedding-style parties. The wedding will be fancy, so we don't mind taking a step down (within reason of course) for the rehearsal dinner.

          What's the name of the bistro in Deep River?

          Traveling a little bit south would also fit our needs, so the Griswold Inn is certainly a possibility.

          Thanks for the suggestions.

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            The Deep River bistro is called Du Glace. Early on there were several posts here.

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              Yes it is Du Glace - I have been there several times myself and have never had a bad meal
              I also believe if u do a web search there have been a few restaraunt reviews from places like the Courant as well - - if you like Bistro and a nice setting this may well be your is on the Main St of Deep River - so with 30 people an cars you are all not going to be able to park in front - - you can park on the side street or over in the library parking lot also arnd the corner...... I also like the Gris - they are very accomodating to groups and will work with you on menu choices ahead of time with no problem as I used to arrange school groups there many times and it has a lot of history and atmosphere - folks can walk down to the Pier at the end of Main St after dinner and enjoy the river after dinner as well.

              Both places have a bar area , so people can get there early or mingle afterwards - although the Gris Bar is much larger and usually has music on the weekends so can get crowded - esp as teh warmer weather approaches and the boaters come to the marinas down the block on the weekends

              If it were me - I would start with du Glace - thats because I love Bistro & they do it well.......I would suggest the place at the Copper Beech's bistro in Ivoryton- but they are smaller and handling a group of 30 may take up most of their space - but you can try - they are really good as well. Both the Copper Beech bistro and Gris are Inns as well - so folks in your wedding group would have a place to stay if needed for a rehearsal if travelling !

        2. Congratulations! Check out River Tavern in Chester. They are very creative and the rear dining area may hold about 30 (also Restaurant du Village is just up the street if money is no object).