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Jan 13, 2009 07:20 AM

any good middle eastern restaurants in the danforth ?

this posting for the danforth, toronto, ontario.

i eat all types of foods but my partner does not eat meat or fish.
this limits us to either vegetarian eateries or middle eastern restaurants.

could anyone out there suggest any good middle eastern or morrocan restaurants
that are on the danforth ?

i prefer the latter because i can still order meat dishes and my partner can order

thanx in advance !


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  1. The name is escaping me but the Egyptian place near Broadview, assuming it still exists, had a decent veg selection of different salads and bean-based dips. Djerba la Douce, near Coxwell, does have a tasty vegetarian couscous. Mocha Mocha is casual, cafeteria style but they have good veg items.

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      Prince of Egypt closed long ago.

    2. You can find some wonderful vegetarian food on the Danforth in most of the Greek restaurants there - and then you can also enjoy ordering any meat dishes. A quick look at some menus, this one for example, Megas, finds a *plethora* of Greek vegetarian dishes:

      Apps - Humus, Gigandes (giant butter beans stewed in tomato sauce and herbs), skorthalia (garlicky mashed potatoes), melizana spread (eggplant spread), and of course the famous greens, horta in olive oil and lemon.

      Mains - Not sure if your partner eats dairy, but they also have some fabulous grilled or fried veg platters with feta, and vegetarian moussaka.

      Maybe check out their site for yourself:

      1. There's a new Morrocan place called Walima Cafe right beside El Sol. I was there on the weekend, we liked the food. It's very mildly spiced and no oil at all.
        They website is under construction and they removed the temporary menu that was there on Saturday.

        I posted a bit more info in this earlier thread:

        1. There is no decent mid-eastern anywhere on the Danforth, but you do have many other options for vegetarian.

          Probably the most interesting is Jean's Vegetarian Kitchen, which is Thai/Malay. They don't have any meat dishes but, if you like this kind of food, you may not miss them.

          Most of the Greek restos have a variety of mezes, such as dips, stuffed grape leaves, and such. While few of these places have great food, the mezes are often better than the mains. The most interesting veg main dishes are at Avli and the biggest selection of mezes is at...Mezes.

          Mocha Mocha has many choices and good food, but it isn't a hang around and talk kind of place.

          All of the Ethiopian places offer vegetarian as well as meat choices. We've been going to Dukem, but all of the menus are similar.

          I haven't tried the new Moroccan restos yet, but would definitely steer clear of the Hot Pot. Djerba la Douce is mainly carnivorous.

          Bibiche has huge, excellent salads and will have, or be willing to accommodate, vegetarian mains.

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            fyi Djerba and Jean's are not licensed for alcohol.

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              You should try Nazreth near Bloor and Ossington if you ever get out that way, after that you probably won't bother going to Dukem.

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                There is a new Moroccan restaurant that recently opened up just east of the Hot Pot. The new place is called Marrakesh. It is on the north side of Danforth just a couple blocks east of Greenwood. I haven't eaten there yet, but I talked to the owner, who was friendly. They also had a women working there. Anyone try the food yet?