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Jan 13, 2009 07:19 AM

housewarming food ideas. mid wilshire area

hello all!
im throwing a little party for about 10 people at my place. i live near the larchmont, wilshire area. any ideas for some inexpensive food to buy to feed by guests? looking to set up a little snack station on the dining table. i will probably have chicken wings as one item.
just wondering you all can suggest any place around me that might have some good take out that I can feed my guests with. any food works. i wouldnt mind a mix and match of differrent types of food snacks.

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  1. Pupusas to go from El Salvador Con Sabor, can put the curtido and sauce in little bowls.

    Father out in San Gabriel Valley (so bring an ice chest to keep cool) you can get bahn mi sandwiches for like $2 apiece, and they are huge and filling. Lee's or Bahn Mi Che Cali.

    Tamales are a good bet too, there are threads on here for Westside tamale spots, or go to La Indiana in East LA.

    1. I don't know the area as far as take out goes but Trader Joe's is always to good place to go to get some snack stuff and they have really good frozen appetizers. Also, I always get a good response when I bring tortellini in pesto sauce. Trader Joe's has a great Genoa Pesto and their tortellini is terrific and you couldn't ask for anything easier to make. Just heat the tortellini and toss with the pesto...done! Oh...also if you get a good crusty french or sourdough bread you can slice it up brush it with a little olive oil and put under the broiler for just a minute to toast then put out with TJ's "Roasted Red Pepper & Artichoke Tapenade" or spoon a little tapenade on the bread sprinkle with Parmesan and place under broiler for a moment. It's soooo good!
      Have a great party!

      1. The Rojak Salad from Singapore's Banana Leaf in the Farmers Market was a hit at a pot lock I went to a while back. I think you'd need to get the dressing on the side though. Maybe pick up two or three orders for 10 people. It contains Spinach, jicama, Tofu, bean sprouts, cucumbers and a tangy dressing.