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French Quarter lunch

I'll be near the French Quarter from a Friday through Sunday. I have my dinner plans, so now I'm looking for a couple of nice places for lunch and a couple of inexpensive (but good) places for lunch. Any recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. One place you may want to consider is La Divina Gelateria. It is on St. Peters right behind the Cabildo (near Jackson Square). Good salads, sandwiches, and real Gelato. A very inexpensive, good place.

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      Coops is open for lunch and is cheap.

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        There are plenty of good lunch specials at nice places so I wouldn't go to a dive.

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          ya id veto this one as well.. unless youre a friend chicken nut and want to try something different, coop's has little special to offer, IMO.

          i believe The Store on Gravier in the CBD is special. its a chef from Firehouse, and the salads and specials are amazing. fresh, hearty. thursday's crawfish risotto is a mind-blowingly good lunch for not much. dunno about weekends tho.

          otherwise, im a fan of the 2-3 course fixed price lunches for $20, where you can find them. Bayona also has good small plates for lunch, but i dont recall the prices.

      2. inexpensive: Felipe's, Mena's Palace, Country Flame, Salt n Pepper, Acme, Felix's

        just read about Italian Barrel; sounds good

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          You might just have the best username I've ever seen on Chowhound.

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            likewise....thanks. enjoy your time in NOLA.

        2. A must place to dine in the French Quarter is Galatoire's.

          Galatoire’s is old New Orleans. Sunday lunch now starts at noon and by 11:45 the anteroom was packed with diners. (You no longer have to wait in the street). Everyone was dressed to the nines. The menu is served continuously from noon until they close. Diners were mostly local and older and many seemed to be celebrating something.

          We had:

          Fried Eggplant and Souffle Potatoes Bearnaise. This is served with a large bowl of Bearnaise plus powdered sugar. This is not food for those on a diet or watching their cholesterol.

          Oysters en Brochette – delicious

          Soft Shell Crabs with Crab Meat

          Oysters Rockefeller

          Trout Amandine

          We ordered Eggs Sardou and Eggs Benedict and split each order so we could have one of each.

          Banana Bread Pudding

          Café Brulot

          Galatoire’s, for me, is the definitive and quintessential New Orleans experience.

          Pics here:

          1. You'd be well-served to check out Stanley at the back corner of Jackson Sq. across Chartres from Muriel's.  From brunch-ish thru a solid lunch we've recently had sammiches, gumbo, po-boys and salads, all of whichwere a treat.  Prices are reasonable (or you can go off the deep end for the Korean-style beef (delightfully tender) w/ kimchee (a little 'tame' to my tastes) po'boy). Stanley was also around during some hard days feeding those who needed it. Kudos

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              Cross over to the CBD for finer lunch dining : August (Fri. only), Cuvee(Thur, Fri), Emeril's, Riomar, MiLa, Herbsaint. Or, take the St. Charles (green)streetcar to Washinton Ave. Walk a couple blocks toward the river to Commander's Palace. Good time, good food, 25 cent martinis(M-F). Reserve the garden room. In FQ, Bacco, Muriel's, Rib Room, Galatoire's. I would avoid Stanley . We paid $50 for 2 po boys, 1 order of fries and 2 teas. For the price you can dine far better. BTW, I had the Korean beef po boy, the beef was seared ,raw and cold. 'Wouldnt t get it again were it free. Try Johnny's for po boys or Central Grocery for a muff.

            2. Go to Bacco for lunch - we go almost every time we come to NO which is 4 times a year - always good, consistent and reasonable - http://www.bacco.com/menu_detail.php?...

              1. Thanks to everyone for the recommendations. I can't wait to try as many as humanly possible.

                1. Just following up on my recent trip to NO. We tried Stanley, Coops, Gallatoires, August, Cochon, and Herbsaint.

                  We hit Stanley for a late breakfast and really enjoyed it. I had the Breaux Bridge Breakfast (or something like that) with boudin and poached eggs. That and a cup of coffee was exactly what I needed at that point to fuel me for the morning.

                  We did the dress up, stand in line, and watch the madness thing at Gallatoires for lunch. I enjoyed, but was not overjoyed by the food. But, the people watching and fluids seem to be the real draw. I would go back for the experience, but not for the dishes. Still, glad I tried it.

                  We loved dinner at Cochon. I was impressed with the inventiveness and depth of some of the dishes. I thought the prices were great for the quality. I also like the laid back atmosphere.

                  Herbsaint was enjoyable. Had a very nice gnocchi and fava bean dish, would be perfect for a warm day.

                  We hit Coops for fried chicken. It is a dive, and I think our waitress pegged us for some lost suburbanites as we seemed to lack the requisite number of visible tatoos. Really enjoyed the chicken and an Abita Abby Ale.

                  August was good, but not the dinner experience I expected. The service was a little rough around the edges. It certainly didn't match a restaurant of that suppossed caliber. The bartender treated us like we were wasting her time. I noticed that a lot of their staff are really young, which showed. As for the food, it was good, but nothing new or different from things I've had other places.

                  Finally, we did stop by La Divina Gelateria for a few piccolo cups. It's good gelato and was served at the right temperature (most places serve it way too cold and hard, just a pet peeve of mine).

                  We had a terrific time and can't wait to go back. I've filed away the rest of the recs for future reference. Thanks again.