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Jan 13, 2009 07:12 AM

ISO: Dinner near Brooklyn Law

Very unfamiliar with the area, looking for a casual date spot for tonight near Brooklyn Law School (civic center / BK heights / cobble hill, i guess?). No real cuisine preference but Italian would be great. Looking to spend 15 - 20 per entree or so, but willing to go higher for a great experience. Probably will be eating on the early (5?) side, if that matters.

Thanks very much! KOBI

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  1. Try this:

    Queen Italian Restaurant
    84 Court St, Brooklyn 11201
    Btwn Livingston & Schermerhorn St
    Phone: 718-596-5954

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    1. re: Brklynbobby

      queen is good, but unless you're over 50 would be a strange date spot for early on in a relationship. i'm guessing you have a date with a BLS student and most likely are therefore not in the aforementioned agegroup. not that i don't enjoy queen (being a youngin myself), but i would have mixed feelings being taken there on a date - the atmosphere just isn't conducive.

      instead, i'd agree that noodle pudding is a good choice.
      alternatively on smith street: lunetta is a nice date choice with good wines.
      po would be another quality alternative, but is a more lengthy walk up smith from bk law. if the date is going well though, could give you a good excuse to stop for a drink at clover club on the walk back after though.

      1. re: vatl619

        thanks very much to everyone. great options. thanks.

        1. re: kobi

          just had one additional idea - not really classic italian, but certainly italian inflected dishes, and has a softly lit relaxed date atmosphere is bocca lupo on henry street btwn. baltic & congress, which serves mostly small italian and med tapas style plates and good wine options.

    2. Noodle Pudding on Henry off Cranberry in Bklyn Hts. is the best affordable Italian choice nearby. Lunetta on Smith might be a good spot, although I dont think the food's as good.

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      1. re: Steve R

        Noodle Pudding is terrific and much more reasonably priced than Queen. Note that it's cash only - don't want you embarrassed on a date.