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Jan 13, 2009 07:08 AM

Sushi Grade Fish!

I have made sushi once before (many years ago). I am thinking of making it for valentines day and need to know if anyone knows of a great place to get high quality sushi grade fish in the bethesda/rockville area. Thanks :)

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    1. Go to RiverFalls in Potomac. At the corner of River and Falls. :-)

      Not cheap, but the most pristine fish you can buy.

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        Thanks :) It started with me calling a good friend and picky eater a "food prude" and went from there. Said friend is no longer a food prude, thanks to me and DH.

      2. Hinata in Bethesda has everything you need. Great place to buy fish is from Salt River Lobster who sell from coolers on friday on old georgetown rd opposite NIH and Sat. at the kensington farmer's market. Been buying from them for 15 yrs.

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          I love Salt River! But do they carry sushi-grade fish?

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            Sushi grade, at least in the US, is an unregulated term and therefor ahs no meaning. It is just someone's opinion. It is not like Prime Beef, which while on can argue about what it means in terms of taste etc, is a grading based on physical measures of the anuimal and had technical specs behind it. Sushi grade means that the person selling it says its great for sushi.

            Here is but one of many links to more info:


            Here is another which, I think confuses what the law requires for fish served at sushi bars and what sushi grade means:


            In fact, few if any sushi restaurants follow the FDA rules & regs and they are minimally enforced afaik. But at Whole Foods, we did not use the term as a policy as it had no meaning, but the fish mongers in a creative store might call something sushi grade when it looked good enough to eat raw.

        2. All the H Marts and Lottes in Montgomery County carry sushi-grade salmon and tuna and we love it... usually cooking it rare, rather than carving it into nigiri-size slices. It's usually available fresh (thawed) but always can be found frozen and it's just fine after you defrost it.

          The Super H Mart in Virginia, on Route 29 between Fairfax Circle and Fair Oaks, is even better, though it's not around the corner from Bethesda.