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Jan 13, 2009 06:53 AM

Burrito Boyz or Chipotle?

I am at Eaton Centre, have been told both are close by and have never tried either. Which is better in terms of good ingredients and freshness (not size)? Thanks,

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  1. Burrito Boyz, no comparison. Chipotle is a US chain and very over-priced for what you get. But Boyz have been renovating — you might want to call ahead.

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    1. I've only been to Chipotle once and it reeked like bleach - a real turn off. The food was okay, but not as flavourful or enjoyable as BB.

      1. I wouldn't recommend Chipotle's to my worst enemy.

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          Burrito Boyz has nothing on this place...

        2. I've been to both.. and I avoided Chipotle for a while because the big chains usually aren't good. Recently a friend and I went because of convenience and we were pretty surprised at how tasty the burrito was. I think I enjoy their guacamole the most, even though they charge an extra 2 dollars for it. I find the burritos at Chipotle larger and more filling than Burrito Boyz. Me and my friend shared a burrito with guacamole and were very full. I went a second time with my SO and also shared the burrito and were pretty full. With Burrito Boyz you can order one each (of the small) and be able to finish it - but with Chipotle, depending your appetite, eating half is more than enough. So even though Chipotle costs more, you are also getting more.

          Burrito Boyz is cheap and enjoyable to eat, but I would only choose that over Chipotle because of the lower price and no extra charge for guacamole. If price were no issue, Chipotle would be my first choice.

          1. Chipotle.

            If it was independant people would be all over it instead of Burrito Boyz.

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              I like Burrito boyz but Chipotle is much much higher quality IMO. I agree with the sentiment that if it were not a chain then people's opinion here would be different.

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                Actually, I'm basing my opinion on:

                - price for what I received
                - flavour of food

                Maybe the flavour has improved since I went, but I'm sure the price hasn't gone down.