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Jan 13, 2009 06:41 AM

Stores that sell Bison/Buffalo steaks?

I'm in Silver Spring and looking to buy Bison/Buffalo steaks. I've been told Whole Foods, but the local one said they didn't carry Buffalo in their meat department. I've also been pointed towards Cibola Farms for the Dupont Circle Farmers Market, but upcoming Sundays are tough for me.

I searched the topic and just found restaurants that sell Buffalo/Bison burgers/steaks. I'm looking to cook my own.

Has anyone had any success finding this?


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  1. There's a local place (well not too close to you) called Gunpowder Bison. I didn't see it with a quick look, but they might list local stores that carry their stuff. Or if you're ambitious, you could drive up there.

    1. A few months ago I got some great buffalo at The Organic Butcher in McLean. I called ahead and they had them for me the next day. Great service and the meat was divine.

      1. Wegman's in Fairfax normally has small bison steaks and bison ground, they have been carrying more and more other bison products, but they always have those two items.

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          Yes, I would check with your local Wegmans

        2. on saturdays in courthouse, arlington, there is a good farmer's market, with one vendor in particular who usually has a very wide variety of buffalo steaks, burgers and other cuts.

          1. Shalom Kosher Market on University Blvd in Wheaton.