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Jan 13, 2009 06:23 AM

Tacos Al Pastor

Was in Mexico recently and fell in love with tacos al pastor, I've done some searches on the board and I'm wondering if any of the hounds local faves are like the ones in Mexico i.e. carved off of the delicious, rotating gyro type contraption. My DH and I refer to it as the 'pork tornado"

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  1. The ones at Anna's in Porter are carved off the pork tornado. Also at Tacos Lupita they do it that way. None of them are as good as you had in Mexico, to be sure, but if that's the style you crave, you have a few options.

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      hardly an expert but burritos express on bedford st downtown makes a pretty decent tacos al pastor.

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        Lupita, interestingly, uses an onion to hold down the pork instead of a pineapple, so no chance of pineapple there, sadly. I sadly agree that all the TalP I had in MX were better than here, but squeeze a lime over Lupita's and you'll at least have the sweet-acid thing going on.

        Pork tornado! BTW, check wikipedia for an interesting but not-cited diversion on the relationship between gyros, shawarma, and al pastor.

      2. i don't know about the rotating gyro thingy, but el potro in union sq, somerville has amazing tacos al pastor.

        1. Angela's in Eastie also has very good tacos al pastor, but I don't know abt the rotating thing, either...

          1. I have to say that the deliciousness of the tornado is only realized when they slice very thin pieces off. I've found that Anna's and Angela's (if they use a tornado), cut small chunks which really changes the taste and texture of the taco. It needs to be as if they used a vegetable peeler to shave the tornado. Perhaps it's done to compensate for poor meat quality or flavoring but I found during my brief time in Cholula that flavoring was delicious as well.

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              Angela's are delicious, but I'm pretty sure she just used chunks of roast pork, and not meat cut off the rotating spit.

              My favorite meal in Cancun -- where the food in general sucks big time -- is from a little non-descript tacqueria downtown where the tacos al pastor are cut off the spit!

            2. Ooh, I found a picture we took. They were so delicious. They would shave off thin slices of the pork and there was a pineapple on top that they would cut slivers off as well. A bit of salsa (they had a red and green, the green was so spicy) some onions with cilantro and some shredded cabbage. All for 8 pesos each! At the time that was about 60 cents.

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                Anna's is closest to what you describe. Yes, the pineapple at the top bastes the meat and little bits get sliced into the sandwich if you are lucky.