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Jan 13, 2009 06:17 AM

Beer spots in Brooklyn?

I keep hearing of new beer spots opening in Brooklyn, (small brews), are they near one another??..where are they??

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  1. There's a few in Williamsburg that are fairly close to each other.... DBA on N7, Radegast Beer Garden on N3, Spiten Divel on Metropolitan, Lenora's Way on Bedford and S1. I think there are more, but those are the few that come to mind immediately.

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      Also Mugs on Bedford.
      There is Sputyen Divel bar on Metropolitan and then grocery store where they have a great selection to buy bottled on Bedford.
      Just went to DBA in Williiamsburg and they had a good selection, seemed actually larger then the one in East Village.

    2. Also in Williamsburg is Barcade on Union St. It is a bit different from many other beer- focused spots in that it focuses on US-made microbrews including many local selections.

      Draft Barn on 3rd Avenue in Gowanus is a bit out of the way. They do offer a huge variety of beers from around the world though. I thought it was a bit pricey considering its location, but perhaps worth a detour for its impressive selection of brews, both on tap and bottled.

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        love draft barn
        great selection and very informative servers

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          The Gutter bowling alley also has lots of great local and specialty beers, as does the Black Rabbit on Greenpoint between Manhattan and Franklin and Mugs Ale House on Bedford.

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            many Thanks, chowhounders....that a good list to get me started.

          2. There's also Beer Table on 7th Ave and 14th (?) Street in Park Slope. Great spot with a long list of interesting beers, with tasty and unusual small plates, as well.

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