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Jan 13, 2009 06:11 AM

why are Yelp reviewers so bad?

i've pretty much stopped using yelp for anything food-related, as i've gotten so frustrated at seeing restaurants get such bizarre reviews. Barrio Cafe in phoenix gets knocked for not being "authentic" because they don't serve rice and beans with every dish. my favorite place in phoenix (Asadero Norte de Sonora) has exactly two reviews: one from me (5 stars) and one from a guy who judged the restaurant by their BURRITOS (1 star).

is anyone else tired of yelp? i'm close to just deleting my account over there.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I clicked over and skimmed through a bunch of the reviews of the two restaurants you mention. I have to tell you that, collectively, that's about the most well written and information set of reviews I've seen on Yelp. The people who reviewed the places appear to have actually gone and eaten there. They gave reasons for their star rating (especially the people who rated Barrio Cafe one or two stars) and wrote, mostly, about what they ordered and why they didn't like it.

      This seems to be a case in which you're conflating "bad review" and "review I disagree with."

      Yelp can be a headache, but if it all read like those two sets of reviews, I'd find it far, far more useful than I currently do.

        1. Unlike Chowhound, Yelp is very lightly moderated. If you don't like the reviews, why not just not read them? Why the necessity of coming to Chowhound to complain about Yelp?

          BTW, there are corresponding threads on many Yelp boards on why Chowhound reviewers are so stuck up.

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            Although yelp is a simple extortion scam that I wish more of its crowdsourced free employees would wake up to, that is an interesting point. CH is very, very heavily moderated, to the point that I am sometimes discouraged to use it. "Yes, i know there is an older thread about this. i want a new one or updates", "no, you really do not have to retitle or move every post", blah blah.

          2. I love Yelp for getting basic restaurant information. What CC they accept, if cash only, decor, atmosphere, parking, menu, etc. But for information about the food I still think Chowhound reviewers are more fair and informative. Chowhound has less "OMG I gave them 4 stars because the waiter was so cute". I have found good information in the discussion section of Yelp.