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Jan 13, 2009 06:10 AM

round tables on the red line?

I frequently go out to eat with a group opf 6-8 people, and we're always on the hunt for round tables - so everyone can see each other- usually makes for a better evening.

Does anyone know of any restaurants (the less expensive the better) on the red line that would have a big round table and a festive atmosphere?

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  1. Two that immediately come to mind are on different ends of the spectrum.

    Upstairs on the Square has a round table for 8 in the front (pink) room overlooking the little common.

    Mary Chung has a few round tables that could probably fit up to 12.

    Doubtless there are about 753 other options, but we'll see what hounds turn up.

    1. The first place that came to mind for me was Penang on Washington Street (Downtown Crossing on the Red Line). Very good Malaysian food, reasonable prices, and large round tables!

      1. My "first to mind" is Mulan - a short walk from Kendall (maybe better walk in the spring, though!) We just had a delicious round table there (the food, not the table!) a few weeks ago - Also recommend New Shanghai (South Station) and Xinh Xinh (Vietnamese, Downtown Crossing). And there's always VietNamese in Dorchester...

        1. I never thought about it before, but I can't think of many large round tables outside restaurants serving Asian food. And of course Chinatown is a short walk from the Downtown Crossing red line stop, so many options there including Taiwan Cafe and others mentioned above.

          As recommended by yumyum, Upstairs on the Square is perfect. You may also consider the communal table at Radius; it's oval and seats more than 6-8 but may be another option for you.