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Jan 13, 2009 06:07 AM

Freeze Enchiladas with or without sauce

I have everything ready to go to make enchiladas for the freezer. I have read conflicting reports on if to freeze with or without the sauce and cheese. I would prefer to make them as I would normally but instead of baking, pop in the freezer. Several websites said though that this will turn them into a giant pile of mush. Will it be that bad? And do I put the cheese on before or after freezing. Finally if I can freeze with the sauce do I use the same amount, less or more of the sauce when freezing? Thank you!

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  1. I have found that my enchiladas freeze much better if I bake them first. I make them exactly as I would if I were going to bake and serve them except that I don't put any cheese on top. I bake the enchiladas, let them cool some and wrap and freeze them. Sometimes I'll put cheese on top before I freeze them and sometimes I skip that. It doesn't seem to matter too much though I find that non-frozen cheese tends to brown more nicely than frozen cheese. They both melt about the same, though. I like the brown bits, so I usually wait and add fresh cheese right before reheating the frozen enchiladas.

    If you're going to skip the baking, I'd still add the sauce and freeze it that way. The sauce will help keep things from drying out in the freezer.

    1. I've found that if you freeze before baking, once you bake them they will be a little on the dry side compared to a non-frozen batch. My solution is to use a bit more sauce than normal to compensate for this.

      1. I have made enchilada casserole before and froze the entire thing, including the sauce and cheese. I would agree that the texture is probably a bit better if you hold off on the sauce and cheese topping, but since I only need to cut the casserole like I cut a lasagna, it doesn't make a huge mess and fall apart like rolled enchiladas would.


        1. Thanks for the answers. I think I'll go ahead and just bake it like normal, cheese and all. I'm not too considered if the cheese does not brown great or it's not a perfect consistency. I was more concerned that it would be a huge mushy mess, but sounds like I'll be good. Thanks again!

          1. I cook for a household of two, so I often make a normal sized meal and freeze half. When I do enchiladas, I have never had luck preparing then freezing without getting mushy tortillas (hate that!), and rather than bake them twice (before and after freezing) my new method is to freeze the sauce and filling separately. I let both defrost on their own on the counter, then all I have to do is roll them up in fresh tortillas while the oven preheats, dump on sauce, and cook. It doesn't end up taking much longer than cooking prepared ones (If all ingredients are room temp, I only bake for 20 minutes or so), and the tortillas stay nice and fresh tasting.