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Is Nota Bene a good restaurant for Valentine's Day dinner?

Read a lot of good reviews for Nota Bene, never been there personally, so just wondering if it's a good restaurant for Valentine's Day, ie is the atmosphere romantic or is it too loud. And would anyone know if they do set dinners for Valentines? Thanks for the help in advance.

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  1. Not loud at all. Older crowd. You might want to call first, they're prolly already booked solid VDay.

    1. i'd say yes. It's quite large, but nicely designed.

      1. Surprisingly I was able to book a table for 630pm but I booked it online via the Open Table website. Hopefully that website is reliable :S. i'll probably call them to make sure.

        Thanks for the quick replies.

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          Hey meatballs, I use Open Table a lot (both here and in other cities) and have never had any problems with it. Enjoy your dinner, wherever you end up!

        2. Food is good and service is excellent, but it's not an intimate-feeling or romantic space.

          1. I haven't been either. But I gather it's more of a open, corporate feel. Many expense account types. If you've made reservations, that's fine. But if you want something truly romantic, you can't go wrong with a window table at Scaramouche.

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              Agreed. If a guy took me here in the vein of something romantic, I would be disappointed. But then again, people have different ideas of what entails a romantic dinner.

              I, for one, don't think going out to a resto on V-day equals romance but I know I'm a minority here!


            2. What about Auberge du Pommier? Would that be a much better choice? THanks

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                IMHO Valentine's Day is like New Year's Eve or Mother's Day — the worst day of the year to properly enjoy a restaurant. And this year, it's during Winterlicious! Do your sweetie a favour and take her/him somewhere really nice the following weekend that's not over-booked, the kitchen over-stressed and the harried staff won't rush you out the door.

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                  I think Auberge du Pommier would be a better choice and the service there is also excellent. Although it'll likely be busy, I don't think that the quality will be affected by V-Day. Another place I've been which is nice (pink room!) and where the food is good is the Harbord Room.

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                      auberge du pommier >>> nota bene

                      service is OUTSTANDING @ auberge (and most other OB properties)

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                        i haven't eaten at nota bene yet but have seen the decor, i've tried auberge...service and food were good, but definitely i think the ambiance is more romantic at auberge.

                      2. My experience with the woefully inattentive service left me in a somewhat foul mood after the meal, so I'm sure my SO would never recommend it as a romantic spot. As for the general atmosphere, it doesn't seem like the cozy, intimate place I'd prefer for Valentine's.

                        1. I have dined a couple of times at Nota Bene and think it is a very good restaurant. It is, in fact, one of my favourites in Toronto when visiting the theatre district or opera house. I personally have never experienced the errant service that a few have raised on this Board. However, for a romantic date with my sweetie on Valentine's Day, this restaurant would not be high on my priority list. It is a large space and can get quite noisy when full. I think you would do much better going to a small, intimate bistro for a romantic interlude.

                          1. It'll be a rushed affair...most certainly.

                            Nota Bene, one of TO's busiest restos, on one of the busiest nights of the year...it may not be the best experience...but that is Valentines day however.

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                              It is a large, noisy room. Not intimate or romantic at all.

                              I second the Scaramouche rec.