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Jan 13, 2009 06:04 AM

Le Select still good?

I am visiting Toronto for 4 days, and have previously (easter 2008) very much enjoyed Le Select, not least because of the ambience. Is it still at the same location and more importantly, does it still have the same decor? And can you give me any suggestions on what's good this season?

I am going to JK Wine Bar tonight. The fries and the venison poutine just blew me away last time. The tuna bits in a sweet tomatoey sauce were dark meat and not good at all, but a few hiccups are to be expected, I guess.

Went to BeerBistro last night and enjoyed the great selection, waiters, ambience.. the sticky lamb ribs were very greasy, they had not been trimmed. I would have liked some form of starch with the meat.

These are three places I particularly enjoyed eating at, can you suggest anything in this vein please? I am staying very close to Eaton, and would like to be within walking distance or at least a short cab ride away. Dinner and lunch options would be appreciated!

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  1. Le Select hasn't changed — some love it, others not so much.

    The hot new restaurants:

    Nota Bene — a bit stuffy for me, but rather grand and not far from the Eaton Centre.

    The busiest new spots are all around Ossington, about a 15 minute cab west of downtown.

    Delux — Cuban French fusion.

    Pizzeria Libretto — upscale pizza, pastas, loud and very busy

    Foxley — Thai Portuguese fusion, great sticky ribs

    The Black Hoof — all charcuterie on Dundas east of Ossington.

    The last three don't take reservations, so show up early or wait in line.

    1. Went last to Le Select this past October. I thought both service and food were decent. I am sure it's still in the same spot.

      I work very close to Eaton and will be checking out a relatively new resto called Forte Bistro (York & Richmond) tomorrow evening. I read good reviews on Chow and am excited to give it a try.

      And I second Nota Bene for dinner as I've never been there for lunch yet. There are enough reviews of NB on this forum.

      I go to Mercatto on Bay (Bay & Adelaide) once in a while for lunch, and their pastas are fairly simple and good. It's a typical lunch feel in the business district, so a bit loud at times, but it doesn't bother me much.

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      1. re: exquisite

        I was going to suggest Forte as well. It's on my list to try.

        133 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5H, CA

      2. I heard a report that the gelateria in the Toronto Life building at the corner of Yonge/Dundas is really good! I was kinda surprised to hear that but this is from someone who knows gelato.

        I'm not sure if the weather tomorrow for example will have you wanting gelato but there you go :)

        1. I was disappointed last time at Le Select. However the room is beautiful. Crush on King St. W is nice, Joseph and Co steakhouse if you're on an expense account. There is a rest on Yonge St called, I believe, superior that is v. nice. And my all time favourite, Kaiseki Sakura on Church just north of Wellesley, Enjoy Toronto and if you havetime during the day, def go o Kensington Market. La Tortillaria is marvelous.

          1. I am a fan of Le Select. I find the food consistent (consistently good), the wine list is epic, and I love sitting at that zinc bar. It's not one of the the city's absolute best, but it's one of my go-to spots and I've always enjoyed my meals.

            It would be great if you could report on your dinner at JKWB. Feedback has been mixed lately and some seem to think it's slipping. My last two meals there were one good-as-ever, one decidedly disappointing.

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            1. re: Rabbit

              does sitting at the bar at JKWB make any difference these days?
              I had a forgettable meal there once at a table and an incrediblly tasty experience at the bar twice. Is that luck or is that just the way it is?

              1. re: CoffeeAddict416

                My good and bad were both at the bar - and the same side too.