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Jan 13, 2009 06:03 AM

Taste in Garden City--Still Open?

I tried calling to make a reservation and the phone number is out of service. That can't be good. Does anyone know if it's open? I planned on going today for business lunch!

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      1. re: abu applesauce

        Replaced with La Nonna Bella...old owner now sommelier at Limana on Northern Blvd.

        1. re: GCGuy

          thats too bad - taste was a great little gem - although any time i went in there at lunch - maybe 2 tables including myself were there.....

          1. re: phunkykim

            crying shame...loved that place. diverse menu with quality ingredients. I'm kinda surprised it didn't take hold more. So many glowing reviews in Newsday and the like. Really terrible.

              1. re: GCGuy

                With their prices and the current state of the economy I wonder how they'll fair.

                1. re: synergy

                  Not to be so negative but I agree, I would be surpised if this place is still open in a year. Plus the website is kind of annoying.