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Jan 13, 2009 05:33 AM

7.5 lbs of baking chocolate

If you're looking to ruin any hope of obtaining your new year's resolution goals, I found just what the doctor ordered:

7 1/2 LBS of Baking Chocolate for $11.37

I saw this on another forum and thought you guys might like to know about it. Hope to help someone make about 50 batches of chocolate chip cookies. Maybe we'll get a whole section of Mole How-Tos!

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  1. Cooking chocolate is nasty. It's like eating sweetened wax.

    You know I never understood why there was a specialised chocolate for cooking - no decent recipe I've ever read suggests to use it. Is there an advantage?

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      First, I think you're thinking of "chocolate coating" -- baking chocolate is unsweetened and rather dry and bitter. Second, unsweetened (i.e. baking chocolate) is used in lots of recipes -- classic fudge being the prime example. Less so now that good quality high-cocoa solids dark chocolates are available, but it still has a place where you want a chocolate flavor without the sugar, vanilla, etc. of prepared chocolate. In addition, it adds chocolate flavor without adding a lot of bulk that throws off the proportions of the other ingredients, which is why, for example, it's good for something like fudge.

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