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Maine Lobster - Ft. Myers

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Is there anywhere in the Fort Myers area that servies Maine Lobster aside from Red Lobster?

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  1. The Roadhouse, a new england style restaurant and Blue Pointe, a seafood bistro at Bell Tower both occasionally feature lobster. They usually have tails on the menu but I don't think a whole lobster is a staple of either's menu. For fish, I prefer to eat local, so I am not so much interested in Maine seafood.



    1. brandessa: Husband and I travel on business to Ft. Myers about every two months and our very first meal and often last (other than Monday nights) is The Clam Bake. 16520 S. Tamiami Trail (rte 41) 33908. 239.482.1930. Somewhere sometime I posted a rave review but cannot find it. The husband/wife owners from New Hampshire have, I think, a relative who sends by air fresh seafood. I adore their steamed lobsters and steamers (clams). My husband has his usual fix of lobster roll. They fry full bellied steamers and obviously specialize in New England seafood - fresh. Beer and wine. This is a most casual place in a Publix (grocery chain) shopping center. I can't tell you how happy I am when we leave, completely full of our favorite fresh lobster and clams. If you go, pls let us know what your experience was. Tell them that Paul and Jackie from north Florida recommended their restaurant.

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        Thanks Jackie for the recommendation. My fiance has been craving lobster for three days in a row and today we followed your advice and went to The Clam Bake. He had the steamed lobster which he declared the best of the three he's had so far. I had the lobster roll which was perfect. Both lobster meals were fresh and tasty. The atmosphere is indeed casual, but pleasant. And the service was attentive and personal. The business is family run and it shows. We're only here for another week but expect that we will make it back at least once for another excellent meal. (And, by the way, Jackie, we did tell them you sent us.)

      2. brandessa:

        Husband and I travel to Ft. Myers about every three months on business and our first and last meal is always to The Clam Bake. 16520 S. Tamiami Trail ( Rte. 41) 239.482.1930. A couple from New Hampshire own the place and get fresh lobsters, clams, etc. flown in once or twice a week from a relative back home. I always have a pound of steamers - we share a lobster (I love the claws and body morsels and Himself has the tail) and Himself also must indulge in a lobster roll. They have Red Hook beer on draft and wine. It is a most casual restaurant in a Publix (grocery chain) shopping center and are open for lunch and early dinner. If you try it, tell them Paul and Jackie from North Florida recommended the place and do let us know on the board what you think.

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          oops obviously both posts went thru.

        2. Thank you for the post. I have company from out of the country and have been too busy to get back in to check the post. Since they never had lobster and wanted to try it, we took them to Red Lobster. It was a special dinner for them, and we had planned on returning. - Now, we will instead try the Clam Bake. I will post back our experience!