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Jan 13, 2009 05:15 AM

Oscar Mayer Lil Smokies

Anyone know where I can find the Oscar Mayer Brand Lil Smokies. They are turkey, pork, and chicken, which is perfect for me since I dont eat beef. I looked on the Oscar Mayer website and they said the Shoppers in Wheaten carries then, but I just went today and they do not. Any ideas of where to try next? I'll travel over NoVa and Rockville/Silver Spring area to find these little suckers.

Thank for you help!

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  1. They definitely have them at the Giant in Downtown Silver Spring, just off East West Highway. I got them about a month ago for make little pigs in a blanket appetizers. Nevertheless, I remember 3 varieties, all beef, smoked sausage and something else. They were with all the sausage in the fridge section. I imagine all Giant stores will have them.

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      Thank You. I will try there next. I've looked in my local Giant in Arlington, and they have the lil wieners with cheese in them. I tried them, but it wasn't the same.

    2. The Harris Teeter in Pentagon City and the Giant on Columbia Pike near Walter Reed in south Arlington both have them.